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  1. TortyB
    TortyB Josh
    Hi Josh! Thank you for introducing yourself. we are new to the forum! We recently inherited what we think is a Calif Desert Tortoise! He is approx 15 inches long and we were told he’s about 20 years old. We love him, regardless, and want to take good care of him, So we are glad we found the Tortoise Forum! I think “Torty” will be going into hibernation soon? We Would appreciate any helpful info!
  2. Cottontail
    Does anyone knows if neutering a male tortoise will affect his temperment and or demeanor? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Coco Channell
    Coco Channell
    How do I create albums??
  4. Coco Channell
    Coco Channell
    Seven hatchlings born Sept 16 2019 in garden
  5. alexksquared
    Looking into owning a tortoise
  6. Dom o
    Dom o
    No poo as of yet ... day 2 after prolapse surgery.... also administering medication was a new experience... wow .. nearly lost my mind x
  7. Millerlite
    Millerlite Tom
    Hi Tom. Just wanted to give you a heads up tinypic announces they were no more hosting which I've noticed messes up a lot of post. Your heat box threads super helpful all need updated photos, idk maybe a moderator can upload it or something.. not sure I'd another good photo just too as I use tiny pic myself. Such a pain In the butt

  8. Dom o
    Dom o
    My Herman just had her prolapse operated on today... she has medicine... I’m just praying she poos ... and then I will feel better
  9. Esyun
    Recently bought two baby tortoise and ima alr facing troubles :(
  10. dbrown2572
    dbrown2572 Tom
    Hi Tom. Last weekend, I saw the pictures of the outside enclosure you built with the bricks and wood. Is there any chance you can post the pictures again. They have disappeared and I would love to build this :-)
  11. Mrl6zbu
    I am new to this page I have been tortoise Keeper for a few years now
  12. TortillaandGamera
  13. JLee2019
    JLee2019 Carol S
    Hi Carol. I'm thinking about getting a turtle. I have a nice fenced yard and I'd ideally like to be able to let them roam out there. I had an eastern box turtle hanging out in the yard for a few months and I've enjoyed observing him. Do you have any suggestions for how to get started and what might be a good fit for me?
  14. Baglady1956
    Baglady1956 Josh
    Good morning Josh!Russian tortoise trying to hibernate. My first hibernation with him. He is 15? Shell measures 4 1/2” and he is 13.4 oz. lights on 16 hr/off 8. 40 gal. terrarium 84-90 degrees. Questions: Care during hibernation? Food? Cleaning? How long? I know nothing about what I need to do or not do. Night temp night 62 degrees. Moreo valley, CA
  15. TortillaandGamera
  16. knicole323
    knicole323 Josh
    Hi Josh. I was wondering how I can change my username?
  17. RussianYoda
    Yoda is our rescued Russian Tortoise.
  18. TortillaandGamera
    I’d like to introduce Tortilla and Gamera, my tortoise twosome happily living side by side. They even have a blog dedicated to them!
  19. Kelly_1
    Hibernation help
  20. Turdtheturtle
    Turdtheturtle Josh
    Hello, I have a question!! I’m a new turtle mom I recently got a year old Russian box tortoise and I’ve noticed when he walks he drags his back legs!! But if he’s in the sun he uses his back legs to stand I don’t quite understand what is going on. Please help!!