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    Hi I'm from Yorkshire and I've got a horsfield age 6 and a Redfoot aged 3.5 years old! Welcome
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    New Horsfield owner here.

    Lovely mixture and your tortoise will love every minute in it! Make sure it's deep as they love to dig! Oh and climb!
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    Humidity for adult russian?

    I buy organic topsoil and mix it with coconut coir [SMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH]
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    Russian Tortoise beak

    Looks fine!?
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    Russian not drinking

    I just caught mine for the first time with his head in the water! Otherwise I'd of said I've not seen mine drink either! The other day I found him asleep in his water dish! I changed his dishes round the day before thinking he'd like his food dish away from the light but I guess he likes that...
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    My Babies

    They look lovely!
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    baby leopard tortoise eating too much?

    Same as me Wellington! I put enough so I'm always clearing what's left the following day :)
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    This is my RT Show me your russian torts

    Hi I'm Mo as in Mo Farrah the Olympic runner! :) My friend is Alan, he's a redfoot and has a blackberry face!
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    worming my RT

    Oh my! I want to do the right thing and I know brumation and hibernation is not going to happen. I'll seek advice from my vet but I need to check they know about tortoises, if not, I need to find a good one in Yorkshire,UK. It's funny because my redfoot hasn't got it and he eats lots of squash...
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    worming my RT

    Lol! It's going to be a journey but seeing everyday makes my day so I'll do all what you say! :) - I do this anyway but today he wasn't digging in he had his beady eye on me from a great height! Boy can he climb! Luckily he's in a tall chest box !
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    worming my RT

    The poop sample was small I think that's why the test centre said he was small . my only worry is, would a bigger sample show more!? I've decided to not hibernate him and not de-worm him until like you said a few months time-retest! This way I know these worms won't be doing any harm as I'll...
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    worming my RT

    He's 4.5 inches and I was told he's approximately 5years old. He is winding down though himself it seems. He's not eating as much and he seems healthy. I'd miss him loads if I hibernate him but don't want to not do it if he's used to it!?
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    worming my RT

    Okay cheers! my Redfoot one came back good but I'm worried about Mo my Russian and hibernation. [hr] If I didn't de-worm him would you still brumate or leave him till next year?
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    I want a giant tortoise like this!!!

    Oh my I'd love one of these too ha ha ha! albraman will be gutted when he sees this :)
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    worming my RT

    Hi everyone! I've just sent a sample of poop to be checked from my RT Mo and if you look at the photos this was the results He apparently has pinworm. What is the best way to worm him? The vets or a reptile centre or myself!?? I'm so glad I checked this before hibernating him! It says he's...