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    Hibiscus Day!

    I'm pretty certain this is how dinosaurs must have looked when dining.
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    Desert Tortoise

    My situation is similar to yours, I grew up with an adult rescued desert tortoise my family was given in the mid 1970s in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and managed to keep him alive through several moves, ultimately to North Carolina where he is thriving. I think the hardest thing you'll deal with if you...
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    Greetings from Applehead

    Yes, Applehead's location is unusual! He was given to my family by a neighbor who found him wandering on the highway in the 1970s in a northern state, far too northerly for him to have walked there himself or survived a winter, so clearly an escaped captive. Since then he moved with my family...
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    Greetings from Applehead

    Applehead would like to say hello and express appreciation for all the helpful information gleaned by his caretaker from this forum over many years of quiet membership. Applehead is a rescue who has been with his caretaker's family for over 40 years and currently lives in central North...
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    Help I dropped my toroise

    I don't know how large your tortoise is, so this suggestion may not be useful, but I use a plastic grocery basket when I need to carry my tortoise. I carry it with one hand while keeping it low to the ground in case I trip on something. It looks somethihng like this: