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    That lazy leg pose

    Wow!! I also caught my turtle doing the same thing at her basking spot this morning! It's always so cute when they do that!! Reminds me of lying down on picnic mats at the beach.
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    Sulcata friendly airline

    I think there's this shipping service called the Delta Dash cargo. I took a look at their website and it seems like they have banned it temporarily due to covid. So, if you're planning to travel with your tortoise right now, then this might not be for you, but if you're looking to travel with it...
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    Sickle pod?

    To make sure that it's the right plant, does it have a stalk up to 2 ½ feet (0.75 m.) high, and is it smooth, hairless, oval leaves and showy, buttercup-yellow flowers with five petals each, with long, sickle-shaped seed pods that develop from each flower after it matures? If yes, I found my...
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    Need help finding tortoises

    I found this website that seems to be located in South Africa. I used a Gauteng filter and found some tortoises for sale there, most being in Alberton! If you don't manage to buy the tortoises, I'm sorry for not being able to help, but please don't lose hope as there must be a place nearby. But...
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    It's Danielle's Birthday!!!

    Happy birthday!!? I hope you get to do something fun to celebrate!
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    Sickle pod?

    I'm sorry that I'm not able to give the real answer to this, but I think that to be on the safe side, it's best to not feed it to your tort. I think anything (except cactus and some other stuff) humans can't eat is not really suitable for torts either. This weed can't be consumed by humans...
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    I don't think there's pyramiding, because the shell looks quite smooth to me. If it's pyramiding, the shell will literally look like a pyramid! With bumps as well. But I think u don't need to worry!
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    Family "ghost" stories?

    I am in the same class as her currently but because of the pandemic we aren't able to go to school. If we can in the future then I will be able to see her again. But I think she's doing fine now. Hope she is!
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    Seems like great enclosure! Welcome to the forum and I hope you enjoy your time here with us. Best of luck for you and Opal, too!
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    Introducing a young tortoise outside for the first time

    You're welcome! Don't worry, I feel you. When I first got my tortoise, I had sooo many random questions too!!
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    Introducing a young tortoise outside for the first time

    I think u can just take him outside because I don't think there is actually a way to introduce the tortoise going outside ? Maybe just taking him out more and more often, like taking him out 5 mins more than the last time u took him out every next time and adding a routine (eg. every Sunday...
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    Ur tort still looks quite young so u should give him some more time. Babies hide often, and he is probably scared of his new surroundings. The transition to a new home can be very stressful for them. Give him some time to adjust. In my opinion the lesser and gentler you handle him right now the...
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    My juvenile loggerhead musk turtle doesn’t eat shrimp

    My turtle loves dried and frozen shrimp! I haven't got the chance to purchase the live ones to her though.
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    Would a tortoise recognize a fake tortoise?

    There was a video a saw where a realistic tortoise robot was placed in the woods with other tortoises. The tortoises seemed to take it in and treated it as their own. One even tried to do the thing with it! Which, of course, the robot didn't react to. I found it! The video.
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    Beak Length on Russian Tortoise

    I'm not an expert either but yes, it DOES look quite long to me. Definitely needs some trimming here. Here's a video from one of my favorite tortoise keepers, Kamp Kenan, on how to trim a tort's beak correctly. Hope this helps.