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    Okay that is much better. As long as its safe for my torts and dogs, I'll give it a try. Thanks guys! Sent from my SCH-I605 using TortForum mobile app
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    It's been a very long time since I've had to deal with roaches. The other night as I went to feed my dogs, I noticed around a dozen roaches on the wall. A few have come in the house and when I tried to clean where I found the roaches, short of a hundred came out running in every direction...
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    Acceptable substrate for a RES

    Thanks for the advice. I was also thinking about sand, but the risk for impaction isnt worth it.. Guess my little guys won't have any substrate but its for their safety Sent from my SCH-I605 using TortForum mobile app
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    Acceptable substrate for a RES

    Its been a while since my last post on, I do keep up with threads .. anyways Is there any acceptable substrate for an RES in a 20 gal tank I have two small ones, like fit in my palm small lol... and theyre poop machines but since I dont have any substrate, does anyone recommend one or should I...
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    Question about fertilizer

    With the cold our usually green yard has turned yellow. My torts love grazing but yesterday my dad bought some fertilizer the grass. My question is how many weeks do I have to wait so my torts can begin grazing again?
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    Bambi passed away.

    Really sorry for your loss...I know bambi appreciated everything you did..
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    General Questions?

    I went the the Pomona reptile show and as I was walking along, I saw this tortoise. The cutest little thing i've ever seen... it was a pancake tortoise! I've never seen any other tort with its unique shape. How different are they to other species? What about their habitat set up? What...
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    type of filtration?

    Could I get a link to one? It'd much be appreciated.
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    type of filtration?

    I've been using a few filters and the current one I'm using stopped working. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good filter? Anyone have experience with canister filters? I have a few sliders so... They're very messy :P
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    Red foot has spent last 2 days soaking.

    Perhaps your tort doesn't feel he's hydrated enough. Do you soak him daily? I don't think it's anything to worry about but... Hopefully other more experienced members can help.
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    Repticon Los Angeles / Costa Mesa??

    I went to the NARBC Los Angeles show a few months ago and I was supposed to share my experience and some pictures... I couldn't be there long because of problems at home but the little time I was there... I had a BLAST. tons of snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions, turtles and tortoises! Met a...
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    Thank you everyone for wonderful replies. I have thought about it, and taken the costs of food, housing and lighting in mind, and I think I am able to keep a new family member! I think I will start off with a hatchling. Would it be okay to buy a tote from Home Depot and house a redfoot...
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    Thank you very much!!! When I'm home il check it out!
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    I've been looking at a lot of pictures of their beautiful torts and I think I have the bug. I've found myself wanting one... But out of a lot of wonderful torts... I really want a Redfoot tortoise. I already have 2 desert tortoises, if I provide enough space could I care for a Redfoot? My...
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    Ahh okay, thats good to hear. My little sister was freaking out asking if our doggie was gonna be sick. No sign of diarrhea... but wow my dog took one whif of that mazuri, and she LOVED IT. I'l try and do the same...3 maybe 4 times max a week. I really hope they like it.