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    RIP Daisy

    Sorry for your loss. Daisy lived a very long time. Prayers. 🙏
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    The Best Way To Raise Any Temperate Species Of Tortoise

    Thank you Tom for taking the time to write this very detailed information. Seems I re-read it each Spring. I inherited a Sonoran DT and he has just come out of his 6th brumation with me. He didn’t get a proper start, so I try to do all the right things. I have some concerns right now, but will...
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    To hibernate or not hibernate. That is the question.

    Thank You for this detailed explanation of the differences brumation v hibernation. With that said, is it then okay to ‘wake’ DT on a particularly warmer day and soak and/or offer water to drink, let bask even, and then let him go back to ‘sleep’?
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    New member to this forum, my name is Danny and my sulcata hatchling is named Tortellini

    Welcome Randy and Tortellini. You’ve landed in an awesome place!!! All the greatest tort peeps here. ?????
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    To hibernate or not hibernate. That is the question.

    I have successfully hibernated my DT Parker for 3 yrs now. First year, I think temps were a bit too warm so I worked on that by putting him in an unheated area of the house. Up off the floor, basically in a box. A cool, dark, quiet place. I have followed all @Tom care sheets,which have helped...
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    I'm Gettin' Too Old For This. . .

    Our temps are dipping in low 50s already here in Mile High AZ. And we have been getting rain. Parker does not like thunderstorms so have been bringing him in at night also. He is slowing down already.
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    Stand Your Ground - A Day in the Life of a DT

    A fine sunny summer day at the home of Parker the DT. Two young hens wander in from the neighbors yard. Parker’s Mom sees them while getting his food ready & gets them some seed. All seems fine, Parker is eating, hens are pecking seed. Suddenly (as sudden as a tortoise gets), Parker looks up...
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    DT blood On mouth

    I did NOT know that, ewww! Gonna have another chat w Parker. ?? Thank you. ????
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    DT blood On mouth

    Thank you @Yvonne and @wellington. I’m keeping eye on him. Spot on neck washed off in soak. He ate some more. Had a talk with him. Told him not to scare me like that. What in the world would he eat that had blood? The lizards hang out with him a lot. So far so good, no more blood. ??‍♀️ Many...
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    DT blood On mouth

    Went out to soak DT this morning and he had some blood on his mouth. He let me wipe it gently with a wet paper towel. His tongue is a perfect light pink color. I cannot see the source of the blood. I rinsed him he drank and I put him up on Surface to try and get pics. I think his mouth looks ok...
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    More questions on DT

    Thanks Karen.?
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    More questions on DT

    I Thanks Tom. He does have a dry shelter. He has my Whole yard to roam. He has used those bricks to bask on and walked along them many times, Never walked off or trying to navigate down. I never dreamed he would leave his hide at night and wander in the dark. I think the storm w very loud...
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    More questions on DT

    A few weeks ago, I was concerned about overheating & dehydration of my 7 yo DT Parker. Now, I’m wondering, since it’s monsoon and he spends almost all time outside, is he too cool? I was observing him the other day & he kept closing his eyes a lot. He also acted like he had something stuck in...
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    Happy Anniversary to Me!

    well you’re a wealth of info. I know you’ve answered a lot of my questions. ?????? Happy belated Anniversary.