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    Safe to eat? Cannot identify!

    boris seems to love whatever these are I have pulled him off for now in order to identify them before allowing him to possibly get ill.
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    Cuts on back legs

    It just occurred to me his climbing could be it. Now I'm convinced, and will definitely be using some duck tape. Thank you so much Yvonne!!
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    Sunning the crystals with my little dinosaur running around. Such a sweet day!

    Sunning the crystals with my little dinosaur running around. Such a sweet day!
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    Cuts on back legs

    I can't seem to get a good photo of it!
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    Cuts on back legs

    A bit confused on this matter since it appears to be caused by his own shell rubbing his legs raw. I've been keeping Neosporin on them and they've healed up quote well for it still being an issue. There's gotta be something I can do about this!
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    Possibly adopting..

    This baby sulcata in order to keep it healthy and smooth. The owner is giving it away on instagram because his 3 year old says to. I just would hate to see it given away in a haste and not properly cared for! Anyone willing to share experiences with adopting tortoises with me? And also any...
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    Time for a close up!

    Caught Boris getting rather curious about my camera in the bath today, too cute not to share. Also I belive it was Yvonne that had mentioned Boris looking like a little girl, obviously he's too small to tell, but ever since you said something I'm seeing it too! Lol
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    humidity not necessary

    Me and my boyfriend had this discussion a few years back, when we had just found tortoise forum and had purchased a 2 hatchling sulcatas. One for him at his place and one for me at my own home. He kept his dry in almost identical climates as what you're suggesting and I went the way of humid...
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    Spanky C

    So gorgeous!
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    Just felt like boasting

    I adore my borbor (Boris) so damn much, I just had to share a photo from bath time. We're at a whopping 435 grams now! And of course a baby photo for comparison ❤️
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    Help identifying plant

    It's my mothers, and she's forgotten what it even is lol Thank you!
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    Finally! The perfect eye popping picture.

    Thanks guys! I'll let him know he has some admirers (:
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    Finally! The perfect eye popping picture.

    Boris and I will be around for many years if I have anything to say about it but if you're right I'll have to be one of the many people who change names. I'm thinking Boris Karloff's female counterpart Elsa Lanchester's name will suffice @yvonne
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    Finally! The perfect eye popping picture.

    For almost 2 years I've tried to get the perfect photo of Boris going in for the kill, and today it finally happened. Lol
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    Sulcata not eating

    I've heard of people soaking their babies in carrot baby food when they refuse to eat, I'm not 100% sure if it works for adults, but it's worth a try!