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  • Hello Carol,
    I am looking to purchase a Russian Tortoise. Do you have any Russian tortoise available to buy?

    Hi Carol,

    I’m interested in a Russian Tortoise hatchling. I’d love to chat with you about owning one. Wondering when the next available batch will be! Thanks
    Hello Carol! I am I looking for male Russian Tortoise. I’ve been looking and I saw reviews that you were very good. I wanted to know the price and shipping cost? I also have other questions as well. You can message, Email or text me if you would like. Thank you and have a great day!
    Hi Carol! I've been thinking to get a Russian Tortoise. I'd like to know what the cost and shipping (to 02465, MA)would be to purchase a Russian Tortoise (either sex)? You can contact me via e-mail or message!
    Thank you!
    Hi! I sent you a $50 deposit on a Russian tortoise. We were going to wait to ship him becausw I'd planned to take a trip in early April. Can we connect about getting him shipped earlier now that my travel plans have been suspended.
    Thanks, and I hope everything is going well for you and yours!
    Hi Carol! I've been looking to adopt a Russian Tortoise from a reputable seller for quite some time, and you have by far the best reviews I've seen! I was wondering if you could tell me how much it would cost to purchase and ship a male Russian Tortoise to Milwaukee, WI (zip code 53233)? If you need any additional information from me, feel free to contact me via e-mail or message! Thank you!
    Hi Carol I was interested in purchasing a Russian I’d like a male preferably and was wanting to know how much your shipping would be to Texas 77590 zip code if you do ship , and what all comes with the tortoise upon shipping ! Is there a way to contact you via email ? I’m very interested and when you will have more available
    Popular lady! I too am looking to purchase a Russian. Preferably male if that’s possible. Get back to me if you have a spare second. Thank you carol, enjoy your evening
    Can you message me about possibly getting a tortoise from you. We got a Russian tortoise from PetSmart and had it for a few days but we had a horrible experience with them and had to take it back. We have been doing a lot of research and know now that it is better to get them from a breeder, not a pet store. I'm hoping you can help us out or point us in a good direction.
    Hi Carol. I was wondering if you have anymore baby Russian tortoises for sale at the moment. Could you please message me thanks!
    Hi Carol. I was wondering if you have Russian tortoises for sale at the moment. Thanks!
    Hello Carol............was wondering if you have any female Russians for sale.......... if so, how much are they and what would be shipping to Ohio, 44511 ?
    Hi Carol. I'm thinking about getting a turtle. I have a nice fenced yard and I'd ideally like to be able to let them roam out there. I had an eastern box turtle hanging out in the yard for a few months and I've enjoyed observing him. Do you have any suggestions for how to get started and what might be a good fit for me?
    Hi Carol,

    I am new to the forum and not quite sure this will even get to you but I am interested in purchasing a Russian and your name comes up quite a bit. If you have any available and/or info please let me know
    Hi Carol, we are looking to buy a baby Russian tortoise. I wonder if you have any available for sale? Or could you recommend any places to get one? We live just about 1 hour away from your city. Thanks!
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