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    Just wondering... (everyone's location?)

    Brooklyn, New York! ~C
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    Sick Indian star tortoise

    I sent Ross a culture sheet for Stars. This is a very sick little Star... I hope that Ross follows the sheet. ~C
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    Sick Indian star tortoise

    When you say direct sunlight. Do you mean through a window?
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    How many times should i feed my baby star tortoise ?

    Honeymomo, I am not sure about the tomato. Look into it.
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    My Newest Additions: Rats!

    Cute! I never had a rat...most likely because I always had a cat in the house. But I know that they make nice little pets...very smart. ~C
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    OMG!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!
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    why does my star won't sleep inside hide box?

    I believe that use their hide when they feel stress. Your Star sounds like he is very comfortable out in the open... I would not worry about this...he will use his hide when he is ready to. ~C
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    Any Duck Dynasty Fans?

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    Praying Mantis lays eggs in indoor set up

    How cool! You are so lucky!
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    just adopted a russian tortoise 2 days ago

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Any Duck Dynasty Fans?

    No, never will...
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    How many times should i feed my baby star tortoise ?

    It is important that they eat and grow. You have very young Stars. Buy a scale (gram) and start taking stats on their weight gain. All they should be doing right now is; eating, pooping and basking (soak in warm water before breakfast). Twice a day is fine (food), but you can give them extra...
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    Trouble finding orchid bark in SoCal

    I grow orchids and the best bark out there is from Waldor's orchids. I buy the fine grade for small tortoises. It is clean with no perlite or charcoal. Shipping can be pricy... Let me know if you have...
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    How many times should i feed my baby star tortoise ?

    Hi Diya, How old are your Stars??? If you can get Mazuri, only give it to them as a treat...maybe once or twice a week, and just a little bit. Cabbage is not good for stars if I is not on my list for my stars. I also feed twice a day, but sometimes I will add more...they always...