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    How To Line New Enclosure -

    did you line the bottom? I am wondering how I would fix the liner to fill in all the corners, but I guess dirt would do the trick
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    How To Line New Enclosure -

    Hi All, I have a new indoor enclosure for my Redfoot, ready to go minus the pond lining. My question is - should I use industrial staples to attach the pond liner? I have been doing this with her current enclosure, but she is just so BIG and the staples rust...she ends up ripping them off of...
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    Shell swinging behavior

    this turtle doesn't seem to mind:
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    Coco coir mold

    I have never had coco coir mold, and I have been using it for years. Are you sure something in it wasn't molding? Old food, poop, plant remnants?
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    What is your favorite filter?

    I have had both eheim and fluval 306/406 canister filters, and I have to say fluval is my favorite. I actually reverted back to the fluval after using the eheim for a while. I only have a 40g and my turtle is about 4 inches long fully grown, but I was told to get a filter with 2x the power due...
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    Unexpected Redfoot Tortoise

    I managed to get both of my turtles in a similar way, it's sad as usually they are handed to you with irreparable damage. 1 and 3 sounds like metabolic bone disease, which means they probably did not use a UV bulb at all. If you can provide pictures of the tortoise, it's very easy to confirm...
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    Redfoot Tortoise Enclosure Build - Radiant Heat Panels vs CHE's, and Acrylic questions

    Thanks for your input - my enclosure is lacking in insulation, however the room I am putting it in will be a few degrees warmer than where the enclosure is now. I think minus the insulation, perhaps the 2 160w RHP on each end might be sufficient. Will ask the company (looking at RBI) and see...
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    Redfoot Tortoise Enclosure Build - Radiant Heat Panels vs CHE's, and Acrylic questions

    I currently have a 4x4 enclosure with 2 x 100w CHE's that just barely meets the heat requirements of 80 degrees at the coldest spots - sometimes dipping to 75 or 70 if it's around 10 degrees outside. The room she is in is unfortunately affected by outside temperatures as it is right above the...
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    Indoor Enclosures for Adult Redfoot?

    I am currently having an indoor enclosure made for my redfoot. Disassembling and fitting through the door (most are 28 inches wide, I believe) were also my priority. What we ended up doing was a 3 piece that fit together to form a 4 x 8 enclosure with a balcony. Once the enclosure is complete, I...
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    Stange stuff under scutes

    Judging by your explanation, it doesn't sound like a burn/infection - but just in case it is, I can tell you that I used betadine and ssd (silver sulfadiazine) prescribed by my vet daily to clean off the area where there was shell damage and puss. Attaching a picture of my turtles shell which...
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    Was given a tortoise, can anyone identify its species?

    As Toddrick said, the shell looks like MBD. UV lighting will be crucial for this guy.
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    Good protein for Red Foots?

    Just to add additional protein - my turtles love boiled chicken and canned sardines.
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    Water Turtle's eye (top half) is red and puffy

    The eyes are calming down now after the eyedrops, water change/filter cleaning, and light change
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    Water Turtle's eye (top half) is red and puffy

    Today's pictures are attached. Must be super uncomfortable for him.