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    Sick and Stubborn Sully!

    Someone came into the yard and cut the lock that was on the gate. He was found over 10 miles away wandering down the road. He has additional chips on his shell-so he was obviously trying to escape from a situation. The lady that found him called animal control-which was closed. They referred her...
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    Sick and Stubborn Sully!

    He is being left alone for the most part-when I say it took him a long time to take his pills I mean that we placed in inside the food and then left him to eat it at will. I put out spinach for his last night and he ate about half of it. Typical would be for him to eat all I put down. He is...
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    Sick and Stubborn Sully!

    Hi All, My 65lb Sulcata Sheldon was taken from us almost two weeks ago. After 8 days we were able to get him back. It was very late (almost 10pm) when we got him back-the next morning I went out to his pen to check on him and noticed wheezing and bubbling nose. I took him that day to the herp...
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    Boys will be Boys!

    I looked out my window the other day and found Sheldon assaulting Mr. Craftsman....usually he is friendly with the garden hoses....apparently they said
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    cat in the box

    LOVE IT!!!! My kitten has taken to sleeping in my Sheldon's enclosure. I have often found them snuggling next to each other over night. Sheldon is 60lbs and our kitten is maybe 5lbs! Love watching their personalities together.[/align]
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    Lg sully indoor water dish ideas?

    Hi, Sheldon is adapting to his indoor enclosure for the winter. He is being very stuborn (surprise ;)) about drinking water when in his enclosure. He is still able to go outside for a couple hours each afternoon and his water bowl shows that he is drinking (thanks to the dirt accumulations that...
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    Love it~ My big guy loves it as well. I love it when they get "Pumpkin Face"! It's great, tells me that he is in pumpkin heaven.
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    Shell concerns

    Just a quick update. Took Sheldon in for a check up on his shell. I was starting to get worried. His larger cracks are just normal growth. The white part that concerned me the most was a bacterial infection on his shell. Luckily not shell rot. He gave me a cream to put on it for a couple of...
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    Wanna know what REALLY grinds my gears??

    I would like to share your soapbox with you please!!!! I totally agree. I am really glad that the Rep Humane Soc I adopted my sulcata from put me through the ringer when I was trying to adopt my Sheldon. Sooooooo GLAD. It forced me to research and really KNOW what I was getting into. And in most...
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    Shell concerns

    Hi, I am a little concerned about my sulcata's shell. He has had some visible lines that at first I thought were cracks. I wasn't sure how he would have gotten them; but then they started to fill in. I now think that they are growth lines. My main concern is that last night when I was...
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    Sheldon's Winter enclosure.

    Hi All, We just had Sheldon's winter enclosure built and delivered. It is 8' x 7'. It has two 2' overhangs and two lights. One for basking and then a CHE for night time. I had asked for one of the overhangs to have a front panel and that didn't happen-so we hang a blanket over it and Sheldon is...
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    Sheldon and Mouse the kitten.

    Hi All, We adopted a 8 week old kitten yesterday afternoon. We brought her home and introduced her to our small dog Oscar.....who did what cat and dogs do. Then it was onto introducing her to Sheldon. He......was less than thrilled I would say. Last night I snuck down to the garage to his...
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    my boys are maaaaaddddd

    Soooooo glad to know that my tort is not the only one with a HUGE tortitude. He can throw a fit better than my two year old son. We just adopted a kitten and he is MAD!!!! Funny to watch though.
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    New adult Sulcata and questions

    Hi, Congrats on the new addition. I too adopted an older guy this past summer. He is 22" long and 61lbs and 10 years old. That is according to the rescue from their previous owners. Mine too has the top of some of his raised scutes worn off. He is in great shape, minus a small scrape/shinny...
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    Cleaning rocks

    Hi, Years ago I had water turtles and we had a separate I repeat SEPARATE toilet scrubbing brush that we used on our rocks and tank items. This was only used on turtle items and stored separately as to not get them mixed up. The stiffer bristles worked well. We too used very diluted bleach...