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    I was afraid of that! Looked the same to me too.
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    I know everyone asks, but need help with the gender of my leos. 10 years old.
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    Hello from UK newbie

    Welcome. I could see the pics you posted. Nice. I wonder why others couldn't see them?
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    Calcium Dusting Issue

    I agree with the liquid calcium. I also found a liquid vitamin supplement that I use. I have never had a problem getting my guys to eat it.
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    Underweight baby leopard That is the link to the stuff I used to help my little guy. Sorry that it took so long.
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    Underweight baby leopard

    He did finally grow out of it. He was 4 months old when I got him, and it took 4 or 5 months for him to start eating correctly. He still eats slower that the other one though. Yes, I do still have them, but they are staying with my parents while I am stationed in Italy. I would say they are...
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    My leopard tortoises

    The babies from Tom look amazing. I'm so happy we are learning how to raise them properly. Good job!!!!!
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    Underweight baby leopard

    I know that I am a little late on the response. :) Been busy at work. One of my little ones was extremely light when I got him. He also would miss the food when biting at it. I had to hand feed him for 2 or 3 months before he started eating well. I also found some powdered stuff at the...
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    Coupala pics

    Awesome looking leos. Great work raising them.
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    Amazing! Nice work.
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    I bought some of the red tortoise food (like mazuri) from coastal. It was shipped and delivered quickly in great condition. Good doing business with them.
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    Tortoise Forum Mobile Apps are here!

    I must be an idiot! I can't even figure out how to sign in. :)
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    I will definately try to go there. The Tortoise Village sounds amazing! :) I think that I am going to set up a 4 day diving trip to Phuket as well. I hear things are pretty cheap in Thailand.
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    basking light or UVB or both

    I use a MVB for both heat and uva/uvb. Then at night, I use a red heat bulb, only when it is too cold in the house of course.
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    How did you acquire your first tortoise?

    I have always loved and wanted some tortoises. One day at work, I decided to buy some! I did some research and found 2 on Craigslist. I drove 4 hours to get them, and luckily I did. They were very poorly taken care of. Now they are doing great! So happy I got the wild idea one day. Oh, I...