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    Spring is springing, tra la, tra la!

    Amazing! Hope they continue to do so well :)
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    Looking for info on what kind of tortoise to get

    Personally for me, and from my experience, I would have to say get a red footed tortoise. They stay relatively small (11"-14") and are easy to care for. If you want something a little smaller, go for a greek tortoise. They stay around the 8"-9" mark, and have amazing personalities. It all...
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    Sulcata eating eco earth....?

    You know, quick ?, i have heard from many people that eco earth is non digestible for many reptiles ie; Burms, Chinese Water Dragons, Turtles Etc..... just wondering, bad advice or truth? Made me change some of my keeping habits.
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    National Reptile Breeders Expo (a lot of pics)

    Grats on the new sand boa mate :D
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    Leo has passed

    He was probably sick with a RI for at least a week by the look of your other threads, they can kill pretty quick.
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    Tennesee to Ban All turtles as pets.

    ........... i'll remember that.................. XD
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    Tennesee to Ban All turtles as pets.

    eh, stuff like this will never pass, this is my stupid opinion, but i believe this ban as well as past bans, python ban, croc ban, etc..... most of them have seemed really......... political, and influenced by ignorance and special intrest groups like HSUS and PETA. I don't think this one will...
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    Leo has passed

    Man, that sucks, sorry to hear, wasn't you fault man, things happen that you can't control, life moves on :D, maybe you will get another one some day hopefully :D, you seemed to care for him a lot bud, i am really sorry for your loss :( .
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    Please Watch, Very Informative Video.

    yup, viperkeeper says that a lot XD.
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    Mac Laptops

    Macs= Multimedia PC= Whatever you want if you build it. I have a IMac that i use for almost everything, and a mac book air when i am on the go, but i bought a custom built pc off of CyberPower PC, and it has nice looks, but i use it strictly for gaming. I also prefer macs due to the fact that it...
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    Please Watch, Very Informative Video.

    Yeah, to me, hemotoxin in my opinion sounds like a harsher way to go then neurotoxin, but thats my opinion, i know ABOUT most of the venomous snake species, but i have only HANDLED ONE, a Red Spitting Cobra, which, was an amazing experience i will never forget, and got me interested in venomous...
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    Please Watch, Very Informative Video.

    Exactly, most venomous keepers i know have a good supply of antivenom for themselves for the animals they keep until they can get to a hospital which i think is really smart, its almost suicidal not to with some species people keep.
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    Russian breeding

    Can you....... Yes............ Should you, in my opinion, No. I do not cross subspecies of any animals just because it is usually frowned upon GREATLY. For instance, someone who breeds a Columbian Boa Constrictor to a Suriname Boa Constrictor ( B.C.I to B.C.C.) , you get a cross species that is...
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    Please Watch, Very Informative Video.

    Same, i see monocleds for at least 100$, rattlers for 25ish, gaboons for around 75, red spitters for 150-200, black mambas for 300, etc, taipans are even around 600$, it just bugs me you can post stuff like that on fauna or any website and have one of the most dangerous animals in the world at...
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    Please Watch, Very Informative Video.

    I just find it disturbing how easy it is to get a venomous snake without a permit, cobras, king browns, mambas, tiger snakes, etc.... just boggles me.