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    I didn't mind which shelf, but I did put a thermometer besides the box to make sure it is around 4 degree Celsius.
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    Hi, I'm sorry I didn't provide too much details in the previous post. 😅 I understand your worries about the whole process, as I also feel anxious every time I send my Clydie to the fridge. It's never easy. When I do it, I would keep the fridge at 4 degree Celsius. Before you send him to the...
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    If you're interested in how I do the hibernation, you can read my replies to a recent post here:
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    Piggy is what Clyde is.

    Thanks!! 😁
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    Piggy is what Clyde is.

    Clydie just passed her 6th birthday at 954g!
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    Piggy is what Clyde is.

    OMG, I missed Clydie's weight update at her (yes, Clyde turns out to be a girl🤣) 5th birthday. 811g!
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    Hermann Hibernation

    The first 3 years Clydie was in our normal everyday fridge. 😆 To cut down the light disturbance and to prevent jail break if she is awake, we put her in two layers of shoe boxes, with breathing holes on the side of course, with crumpled paper towel balls as "substrate" to bury her. She seemed...
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    Oh! Another hibernation post. :) In short, I have a 6-year-old Russian tortoise and I had her since she was a hatchling. She lived in a closed enclosure with the same temp and same environment for the first 5 years. I tried everything to not let her sleep in the second year, but nothing worked...
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    Hermann Hibernation

    My Clydie, a Russian tortoises, is 6 years old now. She used to live indoor full-time until this year that we have a backyard. She always had the same temperature, same closed enclosure for the past few years, but she does slow down every year since she was one-year-old. We would take her out...
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    How many Prickly Pear plants should I grow?

    I'm jealous 😫 I can only plant those indoors.
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    There a tortoise that can do well in Alabama, California, a genuine tropical environment?

    I think turtles are a lot less demanding compared to tortoises in terms of enclosure size, environmental conditions (lighting, humidity, different zones of temperature...) and food. If you pick a small turtle, like a 3-striprd mud turtle, you will be able to move around with it much easier.
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    Is my tortoise hibernating

    I have to say, Clydie, my Russian tortoise is slowing down these days also. She had the backyard enclosure this summer and endless weeds to eat in the daytime, and came back home to her indoor enclosure at night. However, just as in the previous years, she slows down after 7,8 months of active...
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    Russian Tortoise Not Eating or Defecating Normally

    He could be poopping outside in the outdoor enclosure, no?
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    Can you keep Russians outdoors year round without them hibernating?

    Put it in a fridge in winter, either at home or in your dorm. :)
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    ID Tortoise species from a painting

    😮‍💨 Russian tortoise didn't even make it on the painting...