In my spare time I kayak and hike looking to meet and someday succesfully photograph wild turtles. Wild turtles are so darn camera shy.

I have lived with reptiles since I was a small child. Cleo the Three toed box turtle has been my constant companion for 23 years. She has seen many different enclosures and lived with Iguanas, Water Dragons, Ornate Box turtles, Painted and wood turtles. She has even had the run of an apartment.

Now that I have a house, I am trying to do right by her the last 5 years. I now know what I did wrong and want to make up for it until we have to part company in this world.

My wifes big joke is Cleo will outlast us all.

I joined this forum to get ideas.
Feb 26, 1969 (Age: 55)
Location (City and/or State)
Worcester, MA


:tort: 0.1.0 Three Toed Box Turtle (Cleopatra) - 23+ years old
:tort: 0.1.0 Three toed box turtle, Crumpa, SHE was called Grampa.
1.0.0 son
0.1.0 wife
1.1.0 Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot
1.0.0 Nebelung cat
0.1.0 Tuxedo cat
2.0.0 Schipperke dogs



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