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  1. Franco F

    Ceramic heat bulb

    I’ve used a CHE for my Hermann for a while now successfully. Winter in NY is brutal and the CHE helps maintain a good temperature at night when it’s the coldest
  2. Franco F

    Food other than dandelions, plantain, clover, etc.

    Sorry for the late reply, but thank you!
  3. Franco F

    Food other than dandelions, plantain, clover, etc.

    Oh definitely not here in NYC. They don’t spray chemicals because of amount of wildlife in the parks. Also, I live near Pelham Bay Park, which is roughly three times the size of Central Park. Most of the park is untouched and there are many overgrown areas with great food. (Just gotta wear pants...
  4. Franco F

    Food other than dandelions, plantain, clover, etc.

    Thank you both I’ll try the app!
  5. Franco F

    Food other than dandelions, plantain, clover, etc.

    I'm looking to introduce my tortoise to some new food this summer, and I was wondering if anyone can identify some plants with pictures. My tortoise is already used to eating different variations of dandelion, plantain, clover, chickweed, and flowers like hibiscus. I often see plants in the park...
  6. Franco F

    Help! - heating a tortoise table

    Definitely opt for a ceramic heat emitter. I ran into the same trouble because I'm from NY and most of the time it's pretty cold here. I have ZooMed's terrarium controller, which I use for both daytime and nighttime heating. I leave the daytime heating on the timed outlet side for a regular...
  7. Franco F

    Some questions about my new hermann's

    Usually you might be able to gauge how much your tortoise eats by what he/she leaves over, like @TechnoCheese said. You'll recognize over time his/her intake will increase. It's definitely normal for your tortoise to be sleeping a lot if it's a hatchling. I would not let the basking spot go...
  8. Franco F

    New tortoise seems a bit restless and trying to escapee

    Awesome enclosure! Do you have a link to where you purchased that? I'm in the market for a new home for my tortoise
  9. Franco F

    Going away on vacation

    I forgot to ask, but do you have any recommendations for any internet cameras. I've always thought about getting one and maybe now it's a good time to start doing research. I'll most likely be going out of the country, so I'm not sure how that might work out in terms of connection
  10. Franco F

    Going away on vacation

    My uncle is gentile and trustworthy. I wouldn’t let my friends watch over my tortoise (he’s a one-year-old Hermann) because they are a ways away from me and they all have other pets (Dogs, pigs and cats). I have everything set up already on timers so I don’t need to worry about that. I’m a...
  11. Franco F

    Going away on vacation

    My uncle lives next door, so I can bring his whole set up there if I have to with directions. I agree maintaining food and water is really simple to keep up with. Would missing a week of soaks be a big issue? I soak him every day and sometimes twice a day. I don’t really trust any of the vet...
  12. Franco F

    Going away on vacation

    My family is planning a one-week vacation for this upcoming July, and I was wondering what others do to care for their tortoises while away. I personally feel that one week away would be too long for the tortoise to be alone. Does anyone know of any nurseries or babysitting facilities in the...
  13. Franco F


    I always made water available to my tortoise just in case he was thirsty, but I made the water very very shallow so that if he flipped in the bowl he wouldn't go under. I positioned the bowl away from the edges and totally away from the spotlight. Thankfully, he never flipped in the water, but...
  14. Franco F

    Tortoise problems

    That’s great news! My tortoise was shedding recently too and made me a little worried
  15. Franco F

    Help!!! Tortoise found in my garage.

    This will help a great deal in identifying the tortoise. Even the plastron on your tortoise resembles that of one of the Greek variations, in my opinion https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/which-baby-tortoise-do-i-have-a-pictorial-guide.115333/