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  1. g4mobile liked mrnewberry's post in the thread 3 little platynota.

    Got the girls? moved into a new enclosure for the winter. I also got new cameras. Now I can keep an eye on the tortoises even [ATTACH]...

    E444905E-C2CE-413C-B62F-769029884D05.png Dec 12, 2019 at 5:03 PM
  2. g4mobile liked HermanniChris's post in the thread Ayanda & Neo Update.

    A November 2019 update on Ayanda and Neo. Ayanda is now 20 months old and Neo is 14 months old. Both are doing absolutely incredible...

    3865EBF4-70B5-48CD-8482-83307CC201C8.jpeg Dec 9, 2019 at 2:10 PM
  3. g4mobile liked jsheffield's post in the thread Rescue Russian.

    I snuck this picture of Chili this morning.... [ATTACH] Jamie

    russian.jpg Dec 8, 2019 at 5:04 PM