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    Redfoot & Sri Lanka Star Cohabitation

    Well could you please clarify why? Instead of just saying no. Because if not, then these forums are useless. I’m not saying I would disagree with you, but I would like to be educated and have an informative reply. Thank you.
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    Redfoot & Sri Lanka Star Cohabitation

    I have a captive bred hatchling Redfooted Tortoise. I was considering getting a captive bred hatchling Sri Lanka Star Tortoise. Is it at all possible to house them together? I have seen several replies say nay but from what I’ve seen their temperature and humidity setup is very similar. I keep...
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    Shell Rot

    I am a new tortoise owner. I have a Redfoot Tortoise hatchling and I’ve noticed some unusual spots in between his scutes. I was unable to scrape or clean them off. Is this marbling or rot? I cannot tell.