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    28 Sick Tortoises please help, Bumps under Neck

    What were you going to do with 28 sulcatas? I can't imagine how much food, land and poop cleanup that is needed for that many. Let us know who you bought it from, I'm sure he knows what he is selling...
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    Is this an abscess problem?

    wishing for the best subbed
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    New Leopard Tortoise

    Tail looks long and thick and I'm sure the cloaca would be past the anal scute if you pulled the tail straight
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    New Leopard Tortoise

    Looks male but still young, pretty guy!
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    Need help with pricing!- 1.1 proven Leopard pair with split scutes

    Hatchling prices have gone up in the last 3-4 years, I'd say 1500-2000 is a good range for both, just my guess
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    What waterproof flooring to use in a heated enclosure?

    Is cat litter too dessicating? They are 12-14lbs (3.5 years old) now so not doing the humid hide box anymore
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    What waterproof flooring to use in a heated enclosure?

    Any ideas my other leo took a dump inside
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    What waterproof flooring to use in a heated enclosure?

    With the cooler weather here in Socal my leopards are spending more time in their heated enclosure outside. They inevitably poop/pee inside and it's a pain to clean and stinks. I was wondering what do you guys use so the wood doesn't get soaked or smell with time? Was thinking of using a second...
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    Aren't all tortoises by definition turtles.....but not all turtles are tortoises.
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    Enclosure arrangement

    I keep both towards the middle or away from the hot side
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    Spotted Turtle Love

    Sent you a PM if you have any available thanks
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    don't eat geraniums

    I do not think jasmine is safe to feed and has a milky residue
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    New Indoor Enclosure - Just Finished

    very cool build!
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    BcFab from Etsy

    I wonder what type of insulation is used?
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    Happy Birthday, Ghazan!

    Thank you all!