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    New baby sulcata

    So cute! Baby sulcatas are the cutest babies I think
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    Can a baby over eat?

    Thanks guys! We will continue to feed him as much as he wants! :) love this forum!
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    Can a baby over eat?

    Our hatchling Greek ibera is only a month and a half old. He gets fed a good amount of spring mix and various veggies with a soaked pellet every morning. He always eats ALL of it so we usually give him more in the afternoon. He then usually eats all of the other meal. If we do not put out more...
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    new home on dining room table...

    What kind is he?
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    I think my ibera died...

    I'm not an expert by any means, but are its limbs (head specifically) sprawled out or tucked in? I don't really know but maybe this could be an indicator? I'm sorry I'm sure this must be very scary :/
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    Meet Sheldon

    He got weighed (.9 ounces) and measured some additions to his home today :) He got a woodchip on his head from digging and there is a good one of him posing by the water dish! We love him!
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    Meet Sheldon

    Okay I've learned babies sleep a lot and not to be worried unless they aren't eating or going to the bathroom!
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    Meet Sheldon

    Thanks guys! The next addition will be some rocks for him to explore on and for him to 'naturally' keep his little toenails trimmed. As soon as he arrived he was soaked in warm water and then placed in his new home. He then headed straight for his hide and eventually came out and ate, explored...
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    Meet Sheldon

    My girlfriend has wanted a tortoise for quite some time so I decided to finally get her one for our five year anniversary. After about a month of research and giving her a lecture of ALL the responsibility we got Sheldon. He is a baby ibera Greek tortoise from Keith Lavoo (CGKeith). Keith was...