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    Oh I love classic monsters... My oldest daughter has the classics posters framed in her bedroom. Love them, better than anything they have now!! Edit to add~ I love your work, especially your Frankie.. :)
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    August 16th birthday

    For the Birthday Wishes. I have missed the forum, thank you Birthday Fairy for reminding me that I needed to get my bottom over here and catch up on what I have been missing. Glad to see the graphics are still around.. :)
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    Bob poop

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HUgging Waldo and thanking him for having tiny poops.. That I hardley ever see.. lol.. Darn Bob is like having a small horse... Does it wash away in the rain or you have to pick it up daily?
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    Happy Ending... YAY
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    Pumpkin Day at the turtle farm

    Looks like Pumpkin Day was a big hit...
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    new baby--no name yet :D

    Aww a new baby girl.. Welcome NovaLee .. She is very cute!!!
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    Hi guys having a bit of an emergency...

    lol.. Maggie thats just what I was thinking.. Take him with you.. We had to do that with a baby blue Jay once.. Of course we drove to where we were going and had a hotel. So I was able to take everything I needed for him..
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    Nigel has lost his appetite

    Meg, I'm sorry Nigel is feeling bad.. I would try and get him to the vet on Monday. Do they take walk ins? I would't worry about him riding in the car. If we need to take Waldo anywhere, he just rides in our laps and he is fine with that. Maybe you can try a dark box so as not to upset him...
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    Izzy is gone

    Sorry I have been away from the site for a few days. I was wondering if there was any new news. Fingers crossed.. and fairy wishes~ its great news
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    Don't give up!!!

    Oh that is wonderful...
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    Awww thank ya'll so much.. Its a belated thank you.. :) And just for the record.. I was only 43 on that day only.. I am now back to 39 and holding.. lol.. Hugs everyone and thanks for the Birthday wishes..
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    Yall are welcome... It was straight from the heart just as it had happened.. And I do believe Max is the medicine you need at this time..
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    My box turtles - Pics :)

    Great pictures.. :) As always...
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    Pic of new apartment block from other side of the canal

    Yea but I cant keep up with how many sleeps we have left since my nights are not your nights.. IM lost!!! lol... Hmmm maybe wait until 5 nights left and do a count down.. lol..
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    PICS!!! Meet Dozer :)

    Chad I am so glad you were there to take him in and give him a great home.. He was very lucky he found you... He looks great.. :) Gotta love those faces..