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  1. gummybearpoop

    Sri Lankan Star size 2 year size differences

    I haven't checked recently but around 450grams. Sri Lankan stars seem like they don't grow as fast as Burmese stars. The photo below was taken a year ago. In this photo shows an 8 month old Burmese Star(left) next to a 14 month old Sri Lankan Star(right)
  2. gummybearpoop

    Are there any Radiated tortoise breeders in Washington or Utah State?

    I've purchased radiata from Ross P 10 years so when I had a CBW permit. I believe I also met him in person! Very nice guy and I highly recommend him
  3. gummybearpoop

    Sri Lankan Star tortoise variability

    This photo is about 4 months old. The Sri Lankan Stars in this photo are about 6-9 months old.
  4. gummybearpoop

    Sri Lankan Star size 2 year size differences

    Left tortoise was born Feb 2018. Middle tortoises were born Feb 2019. Right tortoises were born Feb 2020.
  5. gummybearpoop

    Sri Lankan Star size 2 year size differences

    The largest on left was born Feb 2018. The two medium sized ones were born Feb 2019. The two smallest ones on the right were born Feb 2020.
  6. gummybearpoop

    Burmese Star Tortoises

    Hello I am looking to rehome some of my Burmese Star Tortoises. They range in age from about 6-18 months. Need to make room. I am only selling local in arizona but I will be driving to Los Angeles November 20-21 so I would be willing to deliver in that area. Also, if you can pick them up if you...
  7. gummybearpoop

    G-Stars (Gustavo A)

    Recently, I purchased 3 Sri Lankan Stars from Gus (@G-stars) in person. I have nothing but good things to say about him. He is knowledgable, prompt to reply to questions, friendly, fair, professional, honest, and humble. His animals are thriving, healthy, and beautiful. I would definitely do...
  8. gummybearpoop

    2018 & 2019 Burmese Star Tortoises

    2018 animals no longer available, & half of my 2019 animals are gone as well
  9. gummybearpoop

    2018 & 2019 Burmese Star Tortoises

    Hello, I am looking to trade some of my 2018 & 2019 Burmese Star Tortoises for Sri Lankan Star Tortoises. The Burmese Star Tortoises represent 5 bloodlines from 3 breeders. The 2018 animals weigh 275-350g and the 2019 animals weigh 50-70g. No issues, just looking to add more Sri Lankans to...
  10. gummybearpoop

    Sri Lankan Star hatchlings

    Nice job! Cool head patterns on the newborns too! Who produced the adults?
  11. gummybearpoop

    8-9 month size difference between Burmese Stars

    Hey Neal! Thanks man! Hope everything is well with you!
  12. gummybearpoop

    Finding and maintaining pure Sri Lankan bloodlines

    Kingsley is probably the most reputable source of information regarding Sri Lankans. He has been working with the species for many years, has done a lot of field work with them, and has roots in Sri Lanka! Super knowledgeable! I think a long time ago, Bill Z may have had a studbook going on...
  13. gummybearpoop

    Post Your Burmese Star Photos

    Here are a couple photos of the 2018 animals mixed with 2019 animals (they are housed into 3 groups based on size; they were only placed together for these photos.) These represent 8 bloodlines by 4 breeders (Kingsley R, Cutler C, Mark W, & Jeff G.)
  14. gummybearpoop

    Post Your Burmese Star Photos

    Wow! I need to get a new scale. Once I do, I'll compare mine for size.
  15. gummybearpoop

    Post Your Burmese Star Photos

    How big are they? They look pretty big!