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    Good Morning ☀️

    A cranky day for photos yesterday means she needs a full on photoshoot today
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    Cranky Pants

    Tank wasn’t in the mood for pictures this morning, I think she told me without telling me she was sick of it.
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    Healthy looking Greek?

    His indoor enclosure is a closed chamber at night but in the summer I keep him outside during the day, it’s pretty humid here in the summers. Do I need to have a closed chamber outside as well?
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    Healthy looking Greek?

    Hey guys, just wanted to do a little check in to make sure everything looks healthy with my little guy. He’s been getting so much sunlight and just sprouting so fast ☺️
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    Outdoor Enclosure for smaller Greek tortoise.

    It’s a golden Greek tortoise.
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    Outdoor Enclosure for smaller Greek tortoise.

    HAHAHA, sorry I should’ve expected you wouldn’t know the size of my hand. Anyway, I’m at work so I cant take a picture of him. Hes about a year and a half old. He hasn’t sprouted Much yet but I’m expecting him to grow a lot this summer since I can have him out in the sunshine. I’d say he’s about...
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    A buddy of mine lost his Russian tortoise “Brian” awhile back, I figured I’d post something to try and see if he’s still out there. It was lost near Loganville PA about 3 years ago. I have no pictures, but he was last seen roaming a neighborhood. Anyone found a Russian in PA the last couple...
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    Outdoor Enclosure for smaller Greek tortoise.

    The tor My little guy is no bigger than the size of my hand. The planter is about 4 1/2 feet long by 3 1/2 feet wide. It also goes about 4 feet deep while enclosed on all sides so plenty of room for burrowing. No fertilizers whatsoever, this dirt was moved from another garden I’ve had, all...
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    Outdoor Enclosure for smaller Greek tortoise.

    Hello! I have built this outside box for my tomatoes, but it seems like the perfect size for my smaller Greek tortoise, tank. I would obviously remove the tomato plants. However, I put a hide in some hostas in there to try and get an idea of what it could look like. Let me know what you guys...
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    Shell Rot??

    Any signs of shell rot here??
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    what species is this please

    Looks like it is a Golden Greek tortoise. :)
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    Lathargic greek spur thighed tortoise

    How are temps? Do you have pictures of the tort and the enclosure? Usually it’s not too wise to have them roaming freely around the house.
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    Need someone to point me

    Yeah, that’s why I added the first part, I wasn’t sure what people thought. And they do seem like they have more of a corporate vision rather than local breeder vision.
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    Need someone to point me

    I’m not sure the overall consensus on this forum, but I bought my Golden Greek Hatchling from TortoiseTown (Website). They seemed very reliable and delivered a fantastic hatchling to my front door, so I guess I can’t complain!