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    Hit by car RT. Caution graphic pic

    I read through all of the comments on the post because I thought the same thing. They said they gave him pain meds for the procedure and I would think they would have sent some home with the owner as well. They also said that it would probably take 6 months to a year to fully heal.
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    Hit by car RT. Caution graphic pic

    Ugh I always forget to do that. Is there a way to edit my original post?
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    Hit by car RT. Caution graphic pic

    This is NOT my tortoise, but I thought you guys might be interested in this story. Hopefully the link works.
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    Blended Sphagnum Moss to Maintain Humidity

    Hey Everyone! So yesterday I cleaned out Squirt's enclosure and decided to try a new mix of substrate. Before I was using EcoEarth with whole pieces of sphagnum moss. This was holding humidity at about 80% with my humidifier at a low level and an enclosed tank. This time around I decided to...
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    Where do you live tag

    East Lansing, MI. Go green!
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    "High White"

    I'm so glad you posted this! I was just wondering yesterday what causes the different color bands.
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    Comment by 'hessbrit' in media 'Squirt'

    @blu rodriguez I use Vita-shell! Idk if it really does anything growth wise but I like how it makes his shell look :)
  8. Squirt


    Enjoying some sunshine on a nice Michigan day.
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    Abscess removal "VIDEO"

    that was great!
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    Shedding or fungus or ????

    the area seems to be a bit larger today
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    Abscess removal "VIDEO"

    I work in a vet clinic and abscesses tend to be my favorite. Such instant gratification.
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    Shedding or fungus or ????

    Thank you to you both!
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    Shedding or fungus or ????

    When I look up close it looks like that very top layer is missing. Is there any way to prevent him from rubbing? I don't want him to hurt himself.
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    Shedding or fungus or ????

    Hey guys! Squirt is my first reptile so I'm not entirely sure what a normal shed looks like. Can anyone tell what the white spots on his front legs (top) may be?
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    Hi there guys and gals!

    Welcome! Do you have any pictures???