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    Very Nice terry :) they are stunners
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    FIRST-Hatched.. male?

    Fantastic bro! I love them
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    New pics of the new ponds

    Amazing boss, I would love to see some filter shots :) I want to see the wizard behind the curtain lol
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    Best of 2013

    This is Absolutely Fantastic.... Its posts like this that keep our hobby alive! Congrats on such a successful year
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    Got a couple ponds set up for the DBTs :)

    Thanks guys, Im super happy with it all. The FX5s are great but Ill be setting up a wet try trickle filter in this room over the holidays for ease of cleaning :) sibi Ive added a few more pieces to the sides but there really isnt anywhere they can climb out, just end up back in the water.
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    Got a couple ponds set up for the DBTs :)

    Its been an up hill battle getting these buggers up and running with the minus 30 weather 3 feet of snow and solid play ground sand, everything frozen shut in the moves with the tubs but they are in and happy as clams now :) 180 gallon tubs with FX5s and titanium heaters and power sun lamps...
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    Albino Eastern Cooter

    That Is SOOOOOOO SweeT!!!!!!!! I Love the morphs Please post more as it grows
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    Follow-up.. " I need ID's ".. by Hustler

    This is so fantastic! Ive decided just from this post alone to go with a few ponds and split up my group rather than try to keep the whole clan together. I was going to put them in a massive pond with multiple nesting sites once i was more familiar with them and there pecking orders but I think...
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    Follow-up.. " I need ID's ".. by Hustler

    Absoluty fantastic terry!!!! I will have to email you some questions for sure. No need to worry about WC anything up here.... Seeing your guys stock on the forums is a bit like watching american cable TV up here....another planet for sure! With the months in jail and 50K fines guys are getting...
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    Follow-up.. " I need ID's ".. by Hustler

    Awesome terry,I cant believe how many variations there are even between sub species!!!
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    I need ID's on these DBT's Please :)

    Terry Thank you so much :) I understand the mess of the gene pool for sure Im just trying to avoid an crosses myself if possible.
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    I need ID's on these DBT's Please :)

    Ive picked up a couple adult groups over the last little while and i have a few that have me stumped as far as ID goes? Ive received a few different opinions but cant seem to make anything concrete and I would really like to pair them up properly. This guy was sold to me as a patternless male...
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    Albino Florida Softshell

    WOW..... That is AWESOME!!!! great work
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    My Diamondbacks :) And looking for tips

    Thanks to everyone :) Ive missed these guys so much and I just want to know im doing everything i can for them. Please feel free to throw any tidbits at me Im like a sponge for info and first hand is a ton better than the mix of care sheets im lost in :)