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    Favorite Turtle/Tortoise Morphs (If they even exist)

    topic 3? Aldabra, Eastern box, Asian flowerback box
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    Hello all

    good day haha
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    It is safe to feed those plants?

    are they good nutrition also? i have a lot in my backyard thanks :D
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    Hello all

    Outdoor haha , it just be there for the family pic
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    Pink on plastron and a bit on shell

    if growing very fast is normal, it just means he grows very fast. later on the red line will disappear and turn into white lines.
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    Pink on plastron and a bit on shell

    i sure hope so.. otherwise, it could be bad blood :C
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    Pink on plastron and a bit on shell

    did he grow very fast? I
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    not eating

    star tortoise known is one of those very hard to care for. Also, stress could lead bubble nose too. one thing is don't jump temp in ur enclosure all over the place, could easily get a cold.
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    Shell help!

    old wounds have been left outside enclosure,(Maybe field grab) they will grow back is ok. As long is active and still eating
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    Sudden Death

    have to guess maybe eat something that is not supposed to be eaten. AKA stuck internal/damaged usually, sulcata can tank the heat for 5hours, unless is like 130degrees something
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    New Tortoise Owner and question

    for babies need to make sure you have high humid+temp recommend least 75degrees at the cool side 85-95 at the basket area. for humidity recommend is 70%+ close enclosure helps. mist least once a day, soak them once a day prefer. Of couse hide spot/water bowl/ food bowl etc. Usually babies sleep...
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    Hello all

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    Hello all

    Asian flower back haha my fav
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    Hello all

    Nuchal scute in the front, and pointy nose for aldabra
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    Looking for Albino Sulcatas(any age) and Sri Lankan star(female only) tortoises

    Still looking ! I will post something if I find one. Thanks