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    Ibera Greek for sale

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    Ibera Greek for sale

    I'm not sure the age. Don't have a scale sorry. He is active and eating well. I want to find him a good home. Thanks
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    Ibera Greek for sale

    I have a male Ibera greek for sale asking 125$ plus shipping.
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    A Jackpot of Birthdays!

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes:)
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    1.4 Hermanns

    my hermanns have been sold
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    1.4 Hermanns

    I have my hermanns crew I'd like to sell. 1 male wc 1 female wc 1 female cb 2 juvie females 2-3years old cb I'd like for the group to go together for 1000$ plus shipping. [email protected] Thanks:)
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    sex of my torts

    Thanks Danny I'm trying to rehome them and wanted a for sure sex. We know how well my sexing attemps are (or not) lol.
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    sex of my torts

    Can someone ( Danny) anyone lol tell me the sex of these 2 russian torts These 2 are aprox 5inches SCL:D Thanks much
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    "In the beginning..."

    I'm an oldie too... I pop in and out all the time. I'm a chatty person in real life but I hate to try to communicate by typing. Plus being a smarty pants's hard to type that lol This is a nice group of tort lovers:)
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    Worried about my Red Foot - Please check out his set up!

    I used mine for boxies but it could be used for redfoots as well
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    Nigel, my Jordanian Greek

    Hi Meg, glad to see you over here:D...Nigel is a great name for such a handsome dude. It is hard to stay away from the tort section in I used to troll the kingsnake classifieds as well. It only made the cravings worse lol. These torts are like potato can't just have...
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    Russian pair

    Thanks for everyones reply but they sold
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    Russian pair

    I have connections with a woman who wants to sell her 1.1 Russian torts Shes asking 60$ for the two and buyer pays shipping. I have pics of the torts but cannot figure out how to up load them here so if you PM me I'll get the pics to you. Thanks
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    Hey everyone!

    Welcome and Congrats on your new babe. There are alot of really nice and helpful folks on here. Ask all the questions you need....we were there at one time as well.;)
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    just a sweet pic

    Me me me me...... What did you put in that water lol very cute