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    Live plants in Enclosure

    i have given up on live plants in the enclosure. My leos eat anything green. They are fed 3 times a day, are let out on the lawn and graze on grass and weeds freely all day, yet still seem hungry when it's time to put them in for the night.
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    Tort bug strikes again

    I know it's too young, but this might be a boy. i have bigger unsexed leos and their tails are shorter than this.
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    I'm wondering if anyone has had the same problem (wants to escape)

    a proper sized enclosure should be big enough that the heat from the lamp doesn't reach the cool side. this is required for proper thermo regulation. if it settles down when the lamp is off, maybe the lamp is makes the whole eclosure too hot for the tortoise so it wants to escape.
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    Soft shell

    are you refering to the supracaudal scute? the growth on marginal and supracaudal scutes will be on the inside eges. i think by edge you mean the outer edge. it is quite thin on normal baby leos, and it could be unusually thin on your baby. also depends on how hard you are pressing. this...
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    Coleus amboinicus/Coleus aromaticus/Spanish Thyme

    It's basically Vitamin B12. The one I buy is liquid. I get mine from the poultry farm supply.
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    Coleus amboinicus/Coleus aromaticus/Spanish Thyme

    Kidding aside, I've had success with cyanocobalamine to perk up appetite on animals....from birds, snakes and even my leos on one occassion.
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    Coleus amboinicus/Coleus aromaticus/Spanish Thyme

    Haha. Funny...maybe if there is a jamaican oregano, it will he nice to induce a good feeding reaponse on picky eaters.
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    Coleus amboinicus/Coleus aromaticus/Spanish Thyme

    Well what do you turns out to be an african native..... it's probably part of a legit wild leo natural diet. no wonder they were all over it like crazy.
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    Coleus amboinicus/Coleus aromaticus/Spanish Thyme

    bumpig this up in hopes somebbody with info can give me advise. anyway, it's been 2 weeks since the incident and my leopards are as healthy as ever. i think i'll offer the plant in question since there seems to be no ill effect. in small quantities and gradually increasing until i am certain...
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    Shell shape pre-determined sex?

    split scutes are said t be caused by higher incubation temperatures, which is believed to produce a higher percentage of females. however, there are confirmed males with split scutes, so it really doesn't mean anything except instead of 50/50, you get slightly higher chance of getting a female...
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    Mites? Pyramiding?

    position your hides in corners, they prefer that over hides placed at the center of enclosures. i don't know why, but this has always worked for mine. once they get used to a particular hide, then you can place it wherever you want.
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    Good News

    Wow! I'd be rolling all over the yard when the day comes to find mine laying. Sad to hear about Dot, but I admire you for spending that much effort for an animal. I have never had to deal with a problem for that long, but I hope i can have the same amount of patience if ever the need comes.
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    Adopted Max

    Thanks Nosignal! Mine's tails and subcaudals are nowhere close to Max's
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    My 2014 South African Leos

    Thanks MichaelS! My two largest are 7.5 and 8 inches, both still have small tails but i'm hoping the 7.5 inch will develop due to it's subcaudal scutes starting to show a hint of flariness. the 8 incher is almost surely a female due to it's tail being smaller than the 7.5 inch
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    Adopted Max

    @OP: if you can, plase post a tail/plastron pic. I am tryig to get as much info on confirmed males that are Max's size and age. this is about the time that males develop so i am compiling notes. thanks.