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    Baby Western Hermann's T. hermanni hermanni

    I am reluctantly deciding to list my recently acquired T. hermanni hermanni. I adore the little guy, but feel I may have emptied my pockets more than I should have by purchasing him. This is a guaranteed Tuscan locale western hermann's from Chris Leone/Garden State Tortoises/Hermanni Haven...
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    Baby Hates Food Dish- Eats from soil

    I am going to try the tile. I've not heard of soil eating...but he's not trying to eat the soil and gets calcium supplement (and mazuri)....he spits it out or scrapes at it if the greens are dirty. Not worried about compaction or anything.
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    Baby Hates Food Dish- Eats from soil

    Hey All, I just discovered something I found odd 2 days ago about my new 3 month old hermanni hatchling. I usually put his greens on a plastic lid...he'd been eating small amounts, but only when I'd move him to the lid. I figured he was just getting used to his enclosure and hadn't oriented...
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    Baby Dalmatian Hermann's

    Very cute! Is this your first hermann's? My hermanni is about the same age and I am completely new to Testudo/Mediterranean torts. John
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    Adult/subadult MALE Reeve's turtle

    I hope this isn't breaking the rules with a turtle post! I've been looking for an adult or subadult male reeve's to pair with my 7 year old female for some time with no success. Seems there are only hatchlings out there. Also, any leads would be highly appreciated! Thanks! John
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    Introducing my hermanni and I

    @Donna Wicks , If you like the western subspecies, I would totally go for it. The dalmatian subspecies/locale is also another option if you are looking for a small hermann's that is more readily available. John
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    Introducing my hermanni and I

    Thanks guys! @Heather H , this little one is from Chris Leone/HermanniChris.
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    Introducing my hermanni and I

    I have read many threads on this forum over the years, but am new to posting on here. I got my first tortoise about 8 years ago, a burmese black mountain tortoise. Due to moving around a lot, I sold her last year and missed having a tortoise around. So after some research, I decided to get a...
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    Chris Leone- Garden State Tortoise & Hermanni Haven

    I am here to add to Chris' already great reputation. I purchased a Tuscan T. hermanni hermanni from him which just arrived today. The packaging was wonderful and the little guy was eating not even 10 min after unboxing it. I have bought many reptiles from breeders and dealers over the years and...