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  3. Baby aldabras 8 months old

    Baby aldabras 8 months old

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    He’s already over an inch bigger now lol
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    growth rate of aldabra

    Yeah it’s a challenge at times because they live inside during the night and a good portion of the day to when nobody is around because I don’t trust someone or something to get them lol but ultimately in the next two or three years I will have an add on to the garage which is heated and this...
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    growth rate of aldabra

    I paid 2,000 for these ones cause I was a returning customer and bought two at once. I paid 1800 for my big one back when he was small. And I’ll have to make sure I keep his environment misted more often.
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    growth rate of aldabra

    That was him last summer they were more pointy there. But the two new hatchlings I got are pretty smooth.
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    growth rate of aldabra

    Unfortunately I mist him daily and feed him a very broad and nutritious diet but I got him heavily pyramided as a hatchling cause he was discounted and it’s not as bad as it used to be. I was told if I keep up the treatment in a few years it won’t be noticeable.
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    growth rate of aldabra

    Hey everyone just an update he’s nearly 10 inches now at a little over 9. He’s not even 2 yet so he’s growing really fast!
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    I’ve seen some pictures of his property on some of his postings looks to be a spacious beautiful bit of land. Does he hatch all his aldabras at his own property?
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    I have thought about making him a small one when he gets a bit bigger from a kittie pool by putting it into the ground and makin a shallow mud hole. I just got two small ones im About to post a video of them as well. I got mine off of Sam from Florida iquana and tortoise breeders number 55 is...
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    I spray him and his environment daily as well as give him a wide variety to eat as well as vitamins once a week and bath him once a week