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  • Oh! something else, she doesn't do the coughing thing to often, only when she eats and drinks water, maybe a couple times when she is moving around but nohing else.
    I hope you to answer my message and give some good and detailed advice of what to do, do i trust the vet's opinion? if not, do I take her back?. Thanks for your time.
    Also, she has a bit of liquid on her nose, i took her to the vet and he told me that it was normal for this kind of tortoise to have this "mucus" from time to time, cause they tend to transpire through their nose cavities and mouth in hot temps.
    I wrote a post a few days ago about the same thing, she's been eating good and moving around normlally but she has this cough and then swallows something, i dont know what it is.
    Hi Joseph, my name is Cesar and I'm from Venezuela, I hope you keep going great with Anna and having a wonderfull time! You see, i writte to you because i have a red foot tortoise as well, she's like 1 year and 9 months old, and she recently has been presenting some symptoms like your Anna had back then. I write to you to please help me with my little baby.
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