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Jul 16, 2019 at 10:36 AM
Aug 15, 2007
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Ask questions, share answers, talk torts!, Male, from Redlands, CA

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Jul 16, 2019 at 10:36 AM
    1. Tortise mom
      Tortise mom
      Hi josh. I was wondering how to work thread
    2. PuttyMarch18
      I brought my neighbor's tortoise home with me 3 months ago, (actually, I found him at my back door with a bloody leg and what looked to be bites on his front arms). He has been here since then. Last week I let him roam the yard & now he has more injuries to his front leg. Also he's missing nails. I'm sure he had 5 on each arm and now there are only 3. He digs, but would he really dig until his toenails break off?
    3. ...lulu...
      So I came here for help
    4. ...lulu...
      I'm lost, and I have no money to help her, she has also never been to the vet before since I got her. I'm worried she's going to die...
    5. ...lulu...
      I tried selling her, but no one is taking her. She obviously cant live a good life here, so maybe someone can take her???? If not, do you guys have any advice?
    6. ...lulu...
      Her beak is chipping and her shell is curling up. Her enclosure is to small and is using dirt as substrate. I don't know what to do at this point
      1. Chefdenoel10
        Did you sell her yet???
        We have to find her a good home!!!!
        Jun 29, 2019
    7. ...lulu...
      So I tried using the lamps in secret, but my dad soon found out, and took her lamps. She has been living years with only sunlight coming from my window and no heat lamp. She is looking very sickly and I don't know what to do.
    8. ...lulu...
      My dad got me a tortoise a while ago. But my father, is an, interesting fellow. He said that I was using her lamps too much, wasting our power, and if I left them on again, he'd take her lamps away.
    9. ...lulu...
      So i have a bit of a story that i have to cut in half because its not letting me post it for some reason.
    10. Brian C
      Brian C
      Hello everyone, Name is Brian.
      I have a 5 yr old Male Salcuta that we raised from a baby. We just built a more heavy duty Outside enclosure. Question is I wanna build a better heat controlled house so he can escape the up coming florida summer. I built a house out of thick wood,but was wondering if anyone had better ideas/pics.
    11. Buzzroxy
      I thought I would let you know I have two torts,Hermann named roxy and a sur thigh named buzz,I was walking my dogs today and found some weeds that I can’t identify ,please could anyone help,not sure how to put pics on yet x
    12. Buzzroxy
      Thank you for the welcome
    13. 4133eagles
      hello josh . my wifes 30 yr old female turtle was attacked by a dog 38 hours ago and we just got her home from the vet.

      she lost her right front leg at the first joint.
      I hoping to find some suggestions and knowledge on how we can ease Sandy suffering and give her some mobility....
      thank you
    14. Vlebron
      Thanks Josh!!!
    15. SonoronDesertTorlover
      Thank you for the welcome :) if you could would you take a look at a forum i posted? i could use some help
    16. Nicole44
      Thank you very much. I have a 2 year old Sulcata and have been looking for a friend for her or him. I call her a girl her name is Boo. She is so awesome and we spend a lot of time together. I'm in central Florida.
    17. Bossygirl
      Hello, was wondering which plants where safe for my baby box turtle. She’s in doors in a 40 gallon.
    18. Sheeelbeee
      I have a desert tortoise I’m waking up early because she didn’t eat much and she was new to me last summer before hibernation my question is it gets 80 during the day but still 45 at night should I bring her in at night time with a heat lamp and just keep her awake I need her awake to ensure she’s healthy enough and keeps her weight up
    19. TortoiseCowboy
      Thanks for the welcome
    20. Blake1882
      Thanks for the welcome
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