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  • my Sulcata, Max is 125 lbs, the other day he was in his underground house and I hear a scream/loud noise, I looked inside and he made that same sound again, it was loud... Any idea what is happening. I have heard him when he is on his lady friend, a concrete statue, it's not the same noise..
    Hi can you please permanently delete my account? I would really appreciate that. Thank you
    Hi Josh. I posted in the Introduction section and I noticed a little eye on the post. When I clicked on it, it says "thread watched". Could you tell me what that means? Thank you!
    My tortoise has laid 6eggs in 2weeks she's eating fine should I be worried about her being egg bound
    Hi Josh! Thank you for introducing yourself. we are new to the forum! We recently inherited what we think is a Calif Desert Tortoise! He is approx 15 inches long and we were told he’s about 20 years old. We love him, regardless, and want to take good care of him, So we are glad we found the Tortoise Forum! I think “Torty” will be going into hibernation soon? We Would appreciate any helpful info!
    Good morning Josh!Russian tortoise trying to hibernate. My first hibernation with him. He is 15? Shell measures 4 1/2” and he is 13.4 oz. lights on 16 hr/off 8. 40 gal. terrarium 84-90 degrees. Questions: Care during hibernation? Food? Cleaning? How long? I know nothing about what I need to do or not do. Night temp night 62 degrees. Moreo valley, CA
    Hello, I have a question!! I’m a new turtle mom I recently got a year old Russian box tortoise and I’ve noticed when he walks he drags his back legs!! But if he’s in the sun he uses his back legs to stand I don’t quite understand what is going on. Please help!!
    Hi Josh, Thank you for the welcome!! I just posted a thread about needing help with an aggressive (towards people) sulcata. Can you check to see if I've posted it correctly? Looking for help. Thank you!! best-E
    I brought my neighbor's tortoise home with me 3 months ago, (actually, I found him at my back door with a bloody leg and what looked to be bites on his front arms). He has been here since then. Last week I let him roam the yard & now he has more injuries to his front leg. Also he's missing nails. I'm sure he had 5 on each arm and now there are only 3. He digs, but would he really dig until his toenails break off?
    I'm lost, and I have no money to help her, she has also never been to the vet before since I got her. I'm worried she's going to die...
    I tried selling her, but no one is taking her. She obviously cant live a good life here, so maybe someone can take her???? If not, do you guys have any advice?
    Her beak is chipping and her shell is curling up. Her enclosure is to small and is using dirt as substrate. I don't know what to do at this point
    Did you sell her yet???
    We have to find her a good home!!!!
    So I tried using the lamps in secret, but my dad soon found out, and took her lamps. She has been living years with only sunlight coming from my window and no heat lamp. She is looking very sickly and I don't know what to do.
    My dad got me a tortoise a while ago. But my father, is an, interesting fellow. He said that I was using her lamps too much, wasting our power, and if I left them on again, he'd take her lamps away.
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