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Aug 15, 2007
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Ask questions, share answers, talk torts!, Male, from Redlands, CA

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Oct 16, 2019 at 8:38 PM
    1. Nicole44
      Thank you very much. I have a 2 year old Sulcata and have been looking for a friend for her or him. I call her a girl her name is Boo. She is so awesome and we spend a lot of time together. I'm in central Florida.
    2. Bossygirl
      Hello, was wondering which plants where safe for my baby box turtle. She’s in doors in a 40 gallon.
    3. Sheeelbeee
      I have a desert tortoise I’m waking up early because she didn’t eat much and she was new to me last summer before hibernation my question is it gets 80 during the day but still 45 at night should I bring her in at night time with a heat lamp and just keep her awake I need her awake to ensure she’s healthy enough and keeps her weight up
    4. TortoiseCowboy
      Thanks for the welcome
    5. Blake1882
      Thanks for the welcome
    6. Stephc
      Thank you for the nice welcome.
    7. tillysmomma
      Thanks for the add. My guy is six years old and has been battling a URI since before November 10th when the vet started antibiotics. He still sounds terrible and I’m wondering if he stayed sick because he wasn’t warm enough. Heat panels were just installed three days ago and it’s now warm in there. I’m waiting on his blood panel and culture results.
    8. sammck35
      Thanks for the add
    9. mags48
      Hi I am new to joining so let me introduce my torts. I have 2 horsefield babies I year old, and another 3 horsefield about 8 years old. I am hopeing by growth that the 2 young ones are a male and female, the older ones are 2 females and I male. I also have 4 Redfoot tropical tortoises. By the sizes I am going on 3 females and 1 male. They are 18 month old, and in a 5ft 6" vivarium.
    10. sincebirth
      thanks for the add :)
    11. Gary Hayes
      Gary Hayes
      Need everyone's help. We live in North San Diego County and are getting ready to list our house and retire. We have had our beautiful Sulcata tortoise for 15-16 years and love him a lot; he's a part of our family. We will be moving into a much smaller home and probably with a very small yard and we want to do some traveling. We need to find a loving home with a good sized yard for Turbo.
    12. buckrios11
      Hey y’all :) brand new to the forum & excited to join! First questions from this old lady who is a complete “non-tekkie” is
      What is and What do I type for Home Page? And what the heck is an avatar??
    13. Tortoisecrabaugh
      I did the habitat the way the pet store told me to, but I am sure it is wrong and my way is better. They seem to be struggling to much with the hay they told me to put down. I wanted to put down dirt but they told me it was a bad idea.
    14. Tortoisecrabaugh
      I have 2 baby tortoise hatchlings. They were given to me by neighbors who were afraid their children would flush them down the toilet. They are desert tortoises. I have 3 Russians. But from my research the care is much different. Any suggestions?
      1. mags48
        Better off with hemp and coco shell bedding. Keep at 90 degrees 8o humidity. These prefer more fruit. roll hay up and tie. they will play and eat it. careful it is short so they don't get caught in it. Moistened dried complete cat food is good for them. cooked chicken, beef, lamb.
        Nov 30, 2018
      2. mags48
        That's what I give my tropical Red foots.
        Nov 30, 2018
      Hey Josh! I’m hoping to buy a tortoise in the next couple of days, an Ibera Greek male:) and I am soooooo excited! And can’t wait to post pictures!! Glad to be part of the family!!
    16. Cbarbz
      Hi Josh! Thanks for the warm welcome!
    17. JMtigger53
      Thanks Josh. We adopted two tortoises in June. Since we live in Antelope Valley area, our shelter is insulated for the cold/heat . Our problem is it’s staying to warm for my torts to want to hibernate or maybe it’s still to early. We have 2 1/2 acres so we want them to hibernate outside if possible. We aren’t sure if we need to dig the condo deeper it’s at 48 inches now.
    18. Valeria
      Hi Josh, thank you for the welcome!
    19. Toki4433
      Thx for the welcoming me! It’s my son’s baby leopard tortoise! He got it around July! He is the cutest! I will learn how to post pics soon enough
    20. Sandee Panaro
      Sandee Panaro
      My tortoise has a growth on her mouth, it’s my understanding that it’s a calcium buildup. It’s affects her eating sometimes because it’s in the front of her mouth.
      Can it be cut off?
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