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    Hello to the forum

    HI and welcome to the forum
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    Flood bulbs

    This is mine, I use 75 watts but that varies on the set up
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    Flood bulbs

    Hi and welcome, I buy my Acadia flood bulbs online from Internet Reptile
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    Sick horse field

    Hi and welcome to the forum, fingers crossed that your little tort is on the road to recovery, but if you could post some pics of your set up and lamps that you are using would be a great help.
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    Keeping tort warm in winter

    Can you show pics of your set up? i'm also from the uk, my torts kept in a vivarium, i use a ceramic heater but havent really needed to use it only to warm the enclosure in the morning
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    Comment by 'Karen(pebbles)' in media 'Pebbles loves her warm soaks'

    This is just what pebbles does each morning when i put clean water into her vivarium, she does get proper 30mins/1 hr warm soaks several times a week in a large tub.
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    Newbie here

    Welcome to the forum
  8. Pebbles loves her warm soaks

    Pebbles loves her warm soaks

    New morning ritual 🤣
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    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum
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    hi and welcome
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    New to the forum, and to tortoises!

    welcome to the forum
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    Treatment Options - CDT attacked by Neighbor's dog

    So glad there is a happy ending to Frankies trauma.
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    New here just for tortoise

    Hi and welcome
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    New to TortoiseForum.

    Welcome to the forum