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    Indoor greenhouse for tortoise

    I think that is a great idea and is used lots in the UK. I would definitely add something so that the Tort cant see out otherwise it may end up ripping the plastic with its claws. Maybe a wooden border around the inside. The biggest issue in the UK when they are outside is, they get too damn...
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    Outdoor Enclosure Progress

    Spring outdoor enclosure. Very overgrown and I am going to tend to it over the next couple of days and get it back under control. will post an update
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    My outside enclosure!

    That’s really a lovely size for your tort. Try putting some stuff in there to break up the line of sight.
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    My outside enclosure!

    You can still build something great for your tortoise in the UK. I’m in the UK and I have a large outdoor enclosure, you just need either a small heated box or some kind of cold frame. My cold frame was in the corner of the enclosure that got the first sun and it was remarkably hot inside.
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    Gel Food Trial

    I messaged you on Instagram...
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    Plant ID Please

    This is growing in my tortoise enclosure. I’ve never seen anything like it before, any ideas?
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    The Best Way To Raise A Sulcata, Leopard, Or Star Tortoise

    I completely agree with you about not finding a well started baby. I have looked at many "breeder" adds and they are all on "Pets at home" substrate, or some other completely inappropriate bedding and the tortoises look dry!! I am not going to rush this, I learnt my lesson with my last tort...
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    The Best Way To Raise A Sulcata, Leopard, Or Star Tortoise

    Thanks for taking the time to write this Tom. Here in the UK pretty much all of the people I have spoken to about Sulcatas have told me they need dry conditions. There is a particular website in the UK who I wont mention, but I got barred for merely suggesting that somebody needed to keep...
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    Happy Birthday, Katieandiggy!

    Thanks Yvonne! I have been lurking but haven't been on much since the App went :-(
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    What Species Is This?

    That looks like a Gopher tortoise. @Yvonne will be able to tell you more and confirm.
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    Drop One, Add One

    Heart monitor
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    The Tortoise Forum App is going to be disabled on Oct 1, 2019

    I have just joined Tapatalk and I’m posting this message from it!!! It’s not as good as the App but it’s functional. I hope it stays on Tapatalk.
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    Found this little fella!!!

    Yes I agree I think you have a male russian there. His beak looks like it needs trimming too it’s quite overgrown. He looks like he’s been Outside a while, his shell looks worn and rugged. Maybe put some signs up to see if anyone has lost their tortoise.
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    Thoughts on new russian burying itself constantly?

    I think they are the same thing. Hopefully someone else will come in and confirm but I’m pretty sure they are the same thing. Tube lights are so much better