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    Manouria emys emys

    Wow beautiful amazing tortoises you have! They are wonderful! You obviously do an outstanding job!
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    My baby brown.

    My baby brown, Thorn, 75 grams :)
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    My pair of blacks :)

    The male Orion is super outgoing and my female, Nova, is shy. They are 4 yrs old and 8" 1280 grams and nova is 1 180 grams. I think they look great!
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    My babies came today!

    Jimmy Chu shipped my babies and they came perfect and are already eating! So very happy!!! Here are pics of my sweet babies, Aria (yearling) already had her :) and my new babies. Prim -1 and Saphira -2 :)
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    Burmese black mountain tortoise

    Beautiful burmese black mountain tortoise 4 yrs old and 8" 1300 grams heavy and healthy Cleveland ohio $600 plus shipping [email protected]
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    Pair of yellowfoots and 2 female redfoots

    Due to lifestyle changes I need to rehome my yellowfoots and redfoots. I have a male and female yellowfoots and 2 redfoot females. The reds have a bit of pymiding. They were rescues but in great health now, they are approximately 7- 10 yrs old. And 10" inches long. Vet cked their stool and...
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    Baby star feeding time!

    Beautiful babies!
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    Yearling redfoot

    Yearling redfoot, raised warm and moist. Eating great. 264grams $100 plus shipping from ohio 44012 [email protected]
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    My yellows enjoying lunch

    Beautiful yellows!
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    Yellowfoot sex?

    Here's some more
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    Yellowfoot sex?

    I just rescued this adult yellowfoot but I can't tell if it's male or female? Not that I know that much about tortoises but it looks to me that the tail was bitten off. I'm guessing female, and she has some pyramiding but she is somewhat concave on her plastron. The lady I got her from said...
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    My yellowfoots growth?

    Owner* damn auto correct lol
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    My yellowfoots growth?

    Thank you! I'll take pics of her plastron, it's flat and her tail is tiny, I'm no seasoned tort opener but my guess she's a girl. Lol
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    My yellowfoots growth?

    She weighs 1256 grams now.