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  • Hi Ken...all sources point to you when I search for "high yellow" burmese star tortoises. I am looking to purchase a high yellow yearling. Would you please get back to me when you get the chance? Thanks so much in advance: [email protected]
    seriously looking for a bermese star . ilive in brooklyn and have quite a few torts . i have keptthem for over 45 years.might you haveany for sale? thank you mary ann e-mail :[email protected]
    Hi Ken,
    I may be looking for a few Burmese Stars. Do you have any available now? If so, what sex? And what price?
    Bill Brant
    Geezer Reptiles
    Hello Ken, I got your name from Gus, he thought you may be able to help me. I am looking for a female Burmese Star Tortoise. I have 4 males right now that were supposed to be all females. It definitely did not work out that way. Do you happen to have any? Or know of anyone who may have any? I have been looking for quite awhile and they are very hard to come by. Thanks so much for your help. Amanda
    Hi Ken, I saw your post recently about Indian star hatchling f4.
    I was wondering wether you could help?
    I have two Indian stars produced our first clutch, 6 in total, two have exploded throughout the incubation period and one has its hatched this evening!!! We are totally unprepared as I assumed they was I fertile and just was incubating them just in case
    Question is what on earth do Ido ?
    Set up, etc?
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