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    Not eating !!!!!!

    Hi all worried at the moment Rossi my 3 year old has stopped eating .....I bathe him every day for approx 20 mins ...he is very active outside but when he is in his viv that has been modified he just hides in his bed ..he has not pooed or weed for a number of days ...any ideas please ?????
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    New Russian Owner

    I bought my Russian from a pet shop and was told all the wrong advise .....but I have rectified things and hopefully he has not suffered as a result .....
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    Rossi snoozing in the bath ! :)
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    Eating for Whales !!!!!

    Hi my 2-3 yr old horsfield Rossi as for the past 4 days been eating sooo much, can not believe the amount he is putting away this normal .....probably sounds like a stupid question to some of you .....
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    Rossi :))

    Thanks for the lovely welcome :)))))))
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    How often should my tortoise urinate?

    My tort poos and urinates every morning during his bath it can take up to half an hour and two changes of water because it has got cold ..but it never fails :)
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    Treat for Bo!

    When I bought my tort in June the pet shop sold me a viv, and pellets it was only after a few days I found out that they had soooo misinformed me ...would never trust that particular shop again ...also been told that they are the worst places to buy torts .........we live and learn I suppose ....
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    Rossi :))

    . Hi everyone this is Rossi :))))
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    Rossi :))

    Hi I have a horsfield called Rossi who is about 2 and a half .......:)))