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    concerned about food intake

    He actually took to the diet pretty well after a second. his old diet wasn't varied enough, so I started growing his food. he almost all of it yesterday!
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    concerned about food intake

    Hey all, I recently started Noodles on a new diet of home grown bib lettuce, clover, carrot leaves, and another green that I think is mustard green. I'm trying to get him to eat it, but he's been eating less and it's making me worried. I'm mixing in his favorite food (Mazuri tortoise diet), but...
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    Foods that make them poop?

    He's a year old Russian. Most of his normal food is out of season, so curly endive is best because that's what most russians should eat for the majority of their diet.
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    Foods that make them poop?

    Hey all! Noodles is doing well, but I'm worried that he's not pooping enough. He eats curly endive and sometimes will eat Mazuri tortoise diet. I soak him every other day, and I see him pee when I do, but I don't see him poop. I soak him for 15-20 minutes. I do spot clean and sometimes see a...
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    What type of tort do I have?

    Looks like a Hermann's. The pyramiding isn't as bad as it could be, but regularly soak them to make sure it doesn't get worse. Also, if you could, maybe make the enclosure larger? Med. Torts might be small, but they need A LOT of space. My baby who's barely bigger than my palm has the minimum...
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    Squeaking rubber noise?

    Update on noodles' food: he loves endive!! we got curly endive, and he seems to really enjoy any curly greens.
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    Squeaking rubber noise?

    Until I can get those seeds and use them, is it okay to use that vitamin powder I was talking about? or I have Mazuri, but my vet said not to use them everyday because they can cause weight issues. What do you recommend?
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    Squeaking rubber noise?

    The temperature at night is around 70-80 degrees f. I have just ordered some tortoise seeds so I can grow noodles' food. I thought carrots were good for them? Also, how bad is the spring mix? I read that it's recommended.
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    Hi! I've had my tort for ~7-8 months. What foods have you been feeding her? How often do you...

    Hi! I've had my tort for ~7-8 months. What foods have you been feeding her? How often do you soak her? You can make a very good humid hide by just cutting open an entrance in some tupperware and using the lid to cover it. Put some substrate in and moisten every day. That will help with shell...
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    Button’s thread

    Such a lovely enclosure!! How long did it take to build both of them?
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    Meet Oti, European Hermann and 2 years old

    So cute! Welcome!
  12. Relaxing noodles.

    Relaxing noodles.

    Hanging out in the humidity box!
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    Squeaking rubber noise?

    Hello all! Recently I've been hearing noodles make this weird squeak noise, like cartoon rubber shoes, whenever he's eating. He is around 8-9 months old. I keep his ambient temp at ~80 degrees f, and I re-moisturize his enclosure once a week. He has a humidity box with wet substrate, and he...
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    My tortoise Peach!

    In terms of bedding I find that Coco Coir substrate is pretty good. It holds moisture very well, so when your tort burrows, she'll have some moisture in her shell and skin. Spray it down every day, and add water 1-2 times a week or when it gets too dry. If you're concerned about your tort eating...
  15. Noodles being Noodles

    Noodles being Noodles

    grumpy guy