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    Advice needed please.Growing a prickly pear cactus from a pad.

    Given the advice here, I'm pretty confidant that you will do fine. Just don't over water. Best of got this!
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    Advice needed please.Growing a prickly pear cactus from a pad.

    You can use the clay, just mix in equal parts coarse sand. Make sure the cactus pad has scabbed over from where it was cut off of the mother plant, other wise, yes, it will rot. Water sparingly. I just cut off a dozen pads from an unruly cactus. To balance it out. Have about 2 dozen fruits...
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    Lumber Cost for New Sulcata House

    Wow, great job, doing 3 things at once... Building a new structure, Saving $ (Great), and diverting something useful from the landfill. Kudo's
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    Oh, how sad! I'm so sorry, I know this hard to go through, having lost one of my own 4 legged kids back in November... May God, Wakan Tanka, Buddha, Shiva, Allah, Yahweh, or Akal Murat, give your lil one Peace...once again, I'm so sorry for your loss... Marsha
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    Making A New Tortoise Yard

    Wow, Yvonne, did you rob a bank? Looks like 2"x12"x( x'), and Redwood. That must have been a small fortune. Oh, the lengths we go through for our kids.... 🐢
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    Article in July/August Issue of "REPTILES" Magazine

    Awesome job Jamie. Quite an accomplishment. and as others have said, great article and Pictures too... 🐢 👍
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    There are no words

    and Sadly, I have a similar feeling/ attitude....
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    There are no words

    😭. . . . .all I can say
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    Do I return this found tortoise?

    Bowsersmom, I love the pipe cleaner Idea. I was even thinking of a way to attach an Apple Air Tag, with velcro, or maybe a Harness. I have a large yard and my old roommates Sulcata was about 10" in diameter, He (PeeWee) could hide right in front of your face...another "Magician"
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    14 Minutes of Adventure, Drama, and Suspense!

    Karen, so I have one question,,,,was Sulafat flailing that fast, or was the video sped up for time sake...If that was regular time, Dang, YES that Tort can Flail, like Jan A. just said...
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    Facebook groups

    Honestly, now days your better off, NEVER signing up. IMHO
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    Facebook groups

    I stopped using FB a long time ago, there are much better uses of my time that that (dang) rabbit 🐇hole.
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    Help in species identification, please.

    Cute lil bugger's 🐢
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    Presentation at an elementary school

    Jamie, You might also mention how some species are threatened, due to habitat loss, & environmental concerns. Like the Turtles 🐢 down in Texas that got stranded in that cold snap that hit the state several months ago. Wow, 🥰 you are lucky to have such a fantastic opportunity to do outreach on...
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    Tortimer is just awesome... even though he hates me

    Yes, they seem to have a magical power, the ability to levitate without you knowing it (ha, ha), the epitome of an escape artist.