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    Squiggy The Scrunched Sulcata

    So cute! It reminds me of when Goliath was small. He's getting big now, 8kg at last weigh in.
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    Need to make a decision.

    I wondered if there was anyone who did offer a temporary home for Clover? Just an idea.
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    Jack @ Trinas first Sulcata Tortoise

    great news
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    Jack @ Trinas first Sulcata Tortoise

    I hope everyone is safe in California, well away from the fires. Hope the power cuts stop soon too, we've got one on Friday but only for a few hours while they cut back trees near the power lines.
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    The Tortoise Forum App is going to be disabled on Oct 1, 2019

    Thank you for protecting us and our information. I'll try to use the online version, I've got used to the app but definitely agree with your decision.
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    Juvenile Sulcata Enclosure

    The tortoise table app has pictures to help with identification and notes commonly confused plants too. It's UK based but should be helpful.
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    Baby sulcata wet nose

    "Sorry if you cant understand and my english sucks . " Your English is very good. Follow the guidelines in the link that @Tom have you and things will improve. Advice here is great. Good luck with your little ones.
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    Bubba still Wheezing after Vet visit & Injection 0.7 ml/cc Baytril 2.27% for 3+ weeks and counting

    I hope he recovers well. It just shows that it's best to follow your instincts when you feel something is wrong.
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    My Setup

    Get a ceramic bulb for heat without light. It's important not to use the coloured lights. Here in the UK they're not too expensive.
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    My Setup

    You shouldn't use the red light at night, they need dark like we do to sleep. Also the red light confuses them. Heat and humidity need to be the same at night but no light is needed. Good luck with your new tortoise, they are great fun.
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    Help! I have an escape!

    Good luck. I hope you find him. He's probably enjoying a great in your neighbour's yard [emoji38][emoji1696]
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    Weed safe for sulcata tortoise?

    If it's garden mint it's safe according to the tortoise table site. Otherwise I'm not sure