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    How does your tortoise sleep??

    . Morloch snuggled in for the night!
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    Morloch making a visit at my work

    . Love the note the guys put on him!
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    Tank Update (4/24)

    Such a sweet heart!!
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    Please help , need a good home for my sully!!! (Canada)

    I'm sorry ,, that's a bit too far! But thank you !
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    Please help , need a good home for my sully!!! (Canada)

    I'm looking for a wonderful home for morloch with lots of space!! Unfortunately our lifestyle has changed and I have tried and tried to involve our sully. But it just won't work! Morloch is almost three yrs old. He or she is over 8 lbs. with a fantastic personality! I'm not asking for money...
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    Life: A Balancing Act ;)

    Lol, too cute!!
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    Man I love their feet!! I think that they are so magnificent!!!
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    Can't get comfy!

    I think morloch wishes he could lay sideways.
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    Shell patterns are so beautiful!!

    . I'm making Morlochs shell my new wallpaper!
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    Please share your close-ups!!!

    Did I just see a gator?!!!
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    Please share your close-ups!!!

    Wow everyone !! These are so great!!
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    Chilling Sunday morning.

    I might call him every name in the book ,,,but not for that reason!!! Lol
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    Chilling Sunday morning.

    lol, he tried once, not very tasty I guess!!,,, I soak him before I let him roam,in 3 yrs not one accident. Cross fingers . That's his spot every morning until the weather permits.