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  • Hi I'm intrested in some black cherry foot I heard you are very reputable breeder so if you can get back to me I'd very much appreciate it.
    Hello! Ive been searching for a reputable breeder for a few days now and haven't had much luck. Till I realized there is one right here on TFO! Do you have any cherryhead or reds that are yearlings or older? I want to house outdoors and I cant do that with a hatchling. Well, I look forward to hearing from you! ~Maria
    hi can you please share some pictures of your indoor enclosures if you don't mind. I need to build a large indoor enclosure for 3 redfoot juveniles that are very active,but I can't find any decent pictures anywhere on the internet or the forums for ideas, all I see are some small tortoise tables, So I thought I ask you I hope you can share some pics thanks!
    You can always take the "small tortoise table" idea and make it larger.
    do you have any Hypo Red foots for sale. if so please contact me at 954-410-5635 (Text)
    Hi there. I am looking for a GPP. Do you happen to have any available?
    Thanks, Diana
    hi hope you remeber me, i was momo. had a pancake named ihop. you have the prettiest torts. i am now the african pancake queen, been long time since icould get back on. have you hatched any babies? sure you have.
    i want to get a "prize possession" for my group. I've been looking for hypos that are at breeding age or a bit older than hatchlings..i came across this add the other day and was wondering if you could help me out a bit,
    its my last semester in college, and this summer i will be finishing my 12x6 shed making it winter proof so the red foots can live in th during the winter. i know my 3 big ones are getting close to be ready to breed, so I'm excited to have this as a side hobby. i would love to grow as big as your collection is one day and as many rare types and species you have
    hey whats up JD? names Jared. i've messaged you before with some questions about red foots in the passed and you've always given me good advice. i can't begin to say how jelous i am of your collection and setup, its my dream. i currently have three around 6/7 year old red foots..one 2 year old cherry..
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