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    8 month old sulcata needs a good home

    Hello, I am looking for a good home for my baby Sulcata. I am located in Miami, Florida. He is around 5 inches, has a beautiful round shell, with a unique scute pattern. He is free to anyone who can assure me that he will be in good hands. It's very hard for me to leave him, but I am a college...
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    Hatchling or yearling Russian tortoise

    Can someone point me in the direction of a good source to buy hatchling or yearling russian tortoises?
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    Hermann's with my other pets . . .

    Why can't it be elevated using a table or something? That would solve the problem for the dog at least.
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    worried about inactive tortoise (in NE) - please advise!

    you can buy them in bulk on as well
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    We have decided to get a tortoise!

    I also vote for Hermanni!
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    break in period?

    I guess they all usually take at least 5 hours or so to get it right.
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    Comment by 'Nolan1992' in media 'Land Before Time!'

    Those dinosaurs are done for!
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    break in period?

    Yeah hydrofarm? Mine did the same.
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    Comment by 'Nolan1992' in media 'Lol'

    @bouaboua hahaha exacto!!!
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    New guy here

    Hope you're not a jags fan. lol I saw that video of Underground working with the Tegus. I'm not really a fan of the inbreeding either.
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    New guy here

    Those are some beauties. One day I might need help building a Tegu enclosure. I am definitely getting one at some point! I love the purple tiger Tegu, hopefully people get better at breeding them, and I can get one for cheaper in the future. Where in Florida? I'm from Daytona Beach.
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    Help me im new :)

    Welcome, what you're looking for is a care sheet:
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    What other breeds does everyone have

    loooooool, cheeky
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    Kame the Radaiated Tortoise

    Kame is turtle in japanese right?
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    Love that picture of him with your RES :)