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    TFO's Fourth Anniversary: West Coast Get-Together

    Well, Im from Oceanside and will be in the area for both the trade show and the picnick. Sounds like fun :)
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    The End Of Pyramiding

    Your welcome. A recent field study of leopard tortoises at both high elevation and sea level was conducted over a year using remote probe thermometers inserted up the tortoises cloaca. They showed that the desired core temp of theses tortoises is around 92F. They seek out both sun and shade...
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    Hello everyone

    Aloha David. Welcome
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    Burmese star tortoise chasing earthworm

    Dont know who this was aimed at but here ya go. Here are a couple pics of one of my platynota eating one of those large slugs.
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    Pictures from this Morning (updated 07/09/11)

    RE: Pictures from this Morning (updated 07/07/11) Andy's lookin great. Sure your new at this?
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    How do you all feed Mazuri, wet or dry?

    Hatchlings - soggy. Soak for about 15 min. Adults - dry. Make sure there is plenty of water available.
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    Star tortoise help!!

    Hmmm. I know someone that helps fund and get donations for vets in foreign countrys that service illegal tortoises anonymously, mainly Asia. Maybe there's a way to put you in touch with a vet or my friend. What country are you in?
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    Redfoots outdoors in the PNW..... FINALLY

    Nice Balboa. Maybe you could but some stones in the bottom of the tray for now. Ah, Looks like TerryO beat me to it :)
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    Too Many Threads

    Would be cool to udate a title of a thread. You start out with "My tortosie pics" and maybe you started that on Jan1 2011 then on Feb 1 2011 you updated pics. You could then change the title to "My tortoise pics updated 2/1/11". and so on and so on. This is what has stopped me from starting a...
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    DARN IT!!! *ANOTHER* missed clutch of Home's eggs!

    You need a cheap security camera that records
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    How Many of You on TFO have found Your Tortoises on Their Backs?

    Man, I got close to 50 hatchlings right now. About 25 in each hatchling enclosure. I find them upside down all the time. Ive come home to 5 upside down. I provide more shade areas than sun areas so I dont worry about it. Just today I found one upside down sleeping. Ive noticed they can...
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    Best Set up For Leos

    At 5 weeks the shell should be getting pretty hard. All mine that hatch out plastrons are just slightly flexable at 5 weeks. Not as hard as a tortoise 6 months old, but I would not describe it as soft. I dont use any supplements. You should be getting your tortoise outside in the sun as much...
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    Burmese star tortoise chasing earthworm

    Yup, all mine love earthworms and they also eat these 3"X1/2" large yellow slugs we have here. I dont offer them, they catch them.
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    When it rains, it pours

    Nice Art, they look great
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    Follow my lead...

    :) :P :)