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    Recommended Digital Temp Gun

    sorry link doesn't work.. work computer blocks me. -Meg
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    Recommended Digital Temp Gun

    General Tools Mini Infrared Thermometer $22.97 Home Depot And I also have sensors set up all around my enclosure which this little gun agrees with. I have also used a more expensive gun which gave me the same readings as my little cheapo. Works for me. -Meg
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    In over my head

    Awesome. Yr a great doggy mommy. I totally forgot to mention massage therapy. I actually took classes on said subject. Both for humans and pets. -Meg
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    In over my head

    I feel the need to share some advice based on what I have seen growing up and used as a adult. (See my first ever post about my father and his shaman/Dr Doolittle type behavior. LOL) Have you looked into the uses of colloidal silver? I add a few drops of it into any water made available to...
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    What kind of tortoise is this ??

    Oh my goodness. That's a pretty little thing regardless of what he/she might be. That is definitely a turtle smile. You did good! YVONNE G: We got anyone on site that can help some more?? -Meg
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    What kind of tortoise is this ??

    Meanwhile. We are not trying to be mean. People on this site love these animals, and are only trying to help. Hopefully one of the pros will be along shortly. While waiting for some more exact advice. I would suggest reading this thread so you can start getting an idea of why it is -very-...
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    What kind of tortoise is this ??

    Not a tortoise. It's a mud turtle, but I can't be exact. Yellow?
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    Help (Need help with Russian Diet)

    GRR. Work computer doesn't always play nice. Back to what I was saying. But make the "mash" with new items and tortoises "favorites" to encourage tasting new. My guy won't touch pellets, but you can try soaking those and adding them to the mash as well...
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    Help (Need help with Russian Diet)

    https://www.tortoiseforum.org/threads/suggested-guide.173138/ Is a nice little chart type picture that gives a quick run down. Also google the tortoise table, it's a good base as well-just bare in mind it's not russian specific. Lots of folks on here report good results with making a...
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    Porcelain light fixtures

    Look at the Q&A on Tractor Supply. ((I was wondering as well, so I did..hehe ;) )) One of the answers is up to a 300Watt. And even gives a link to a 250watt bulb that they carry,
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    Hello from pa

    https://www.tortoiseforum.org/threads/breeders-list.64666/#post-612356 A Yvonne post. For your question. I purchased from a local pet store, a rescue of sorts. Long story. I know a lot of people have posted their praises for Carol, so she might be someone to talk to. ((not showing any...
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    Nails too long?

    Female would be my -guess-. Edit:: And adult so older than 3 yrs.
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    Tv commercial

    --*orginal*-- Wonder if they snatched it from the same place I did? hehe ;)
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    2020 tortoise forum calendar?

    Okay. I know I am newish(well been a creeper for years but only recently legit), but I am gonna toss my two cents in. I get that the actual production of a calendar would/could be ridiculously expensive especially without doing it with forced preorders and with it being something that would...
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    Guess I should stop stalking you all now...

    Thank you everyone for your kindness.