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    North African Graeca update

    It’s been nearly three months since I began working with these guys. Although I got a lot of input about what exactly they are, I believe I may have two different localities of Graeca here. Either way, they are likely from very close to one another geographically. As many have written about...
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    Carapace Patterns

    There are over 10 subspecies, some believe that a few should be elevated to their own species. Some are quite colorful with bold patterns but we rarely see them in the US. The North African subspecies tend to be some of the more sensitive with very specific care needs. One keeper I spoke to...
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    Carnivorous behaviour in a greek tortoise

    There are documented cases of Herman’s rating fallen baby birds. It happens. Sometimes they are seeking a nutrient they need. Nothing to worry about behaviorally speaking.
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    Tunisian or Libyan?

    I will share the story. For now I just want to stabilize the group and ensure their survival. Once they grown some, I’ll post more. Thanks for you input!
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    Tunisian or Libyan?

    I managed to get the pics in front of Chris. He says they are not Nabeulensis. He believes they are young Cyrenaica. I’m pretty happy with that even though I wasn’t unhappy if they were to be Tunisians.
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    Tunisian or Libyan?

    These definitely do not have dark plastron and while the male looks quite different from one of the females, they both have very similar plastron markings.
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    Tunisian or Libyan?

    Interesting. That tortoise doesn’t look all too small either.
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    Tunisian or Libyan?

    I have reached out but realize this is his very busy season so I decided to post here.
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    Tunisian or Libyan?

    Thanks for your response. These are in US but while I am told these have been in the US for some time, I’m confident these are recent imports so it’s likely impossible to trace. I’ve read Chris’s Nabeulensis post on HH and agree that these do not conform to the plastron described. These are...
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    Tunisian or Libyan?

    I think I need more input to understand how to ID these North African Graeca. I’ve gotten input from keepers with a lot of experience however the ID amongst 4 keepers was split down the middle. 2 say all Nabeulensis. 2 say all Cyrenaica. There is so little published info on these two...
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    Adult Blanding's Turtles

    Sent you an email Chris. I'm interested.
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    ANGULATED TORTOISE/ANGONOKA for sale on Kingsnake!

    Hi, Just wanted to call out that the URL has Angulated Tortoises also known as Chersina Angulata from Africa. Angonoka tortoise (Geochelone yniphora) is a different tortoise, one of the rarest around from Madagascar. Chersina Angulata aren't seen often but I understand they are fairly...
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    PIC - Chip plus 7

    Chip's amazing Pat. She looks like a he but clearly isn't. Ha! Gratz. Its also commendable to have had her for 15 years. Paul
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    Seeking one nice t.c.bauri female. PM or [email protected] Thanks! No poachers or illegals.
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    Help identifying?

    I'd go with T.c.major because it appears to be male and has brown eyes. Most other boxies don't have that as a regular occurance however Major do. Major size can be quite varied also. Most males are huge 7.5 - 8.5" at full growth but there are some that are smaller. Where did you get...