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    Hello from Sheldon & I! And thank you.

    Hello, Greetings from Las Vegas! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and My 9 pound Sulcata tank baby Sheldon. When I was first introduced to the world of Sulcatas it was after being asked to take in a "turtle" who could no longer be cared for. Being a lover of all animals I had to say...
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    My Sulcata has a URI

    THANK you so much for your reply. It's scary how much conflicting information is out there even from vets. His temperatures have been way to low at night then. This information helps so much.
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    My Sulcata has a URI

    At night I try to keep temps at 75 degrees in his enclosure and 72 in my actual home. Which I'm not sure if that's too low. During the day it's between 90-105 degrees outside. He has constant access outside at all times during the day as well as inside where he has a constant basking area...
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    My Sulcata has a URI

    Hi everyone, (Sorry this will be long) I found this forum after taking in a sulcata tortoise about a year ago. He is about 9 pounds. He unfortinately spent the first years of his life without the proper care he needed which resulted in slight pyramiding of his shell so I could not wait to take...