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  • How long can a red foot touRt she’s -10-12 and is bigger then a football, Lately she’s been awfully into climbing and flippin over thoughts
    Sallyann is doing well, as a brand new cage, she weighs 8.2 pounds. She has been on this cherry kick, yes no pits, won’t eat Anything ELS
    Please help my 11-year-old Toure please help my 11-year-old tourtise, nails or a really long, I’ve done all of the rock stuff?? Help
    Never mind my old post I now know it’s her doing her mating call, now that I’ve done research and know exactly what it’s from
    So my red Foot female tour is making this strange noise between the hours of midnight and 5 AM it’s almost like she’s grunting?? Please help
    Ahhh I see All of the pictures I posted are under my recent activity, the I finally figured it out thanks God
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