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    Worried About My Russian Tortoise

    Thank you for your advice, I have only been soaking my RTs once a week for the last couple weeks and they seem to be much happier, thanks again for you help.
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    Worried About My Russian Tortoise

    I will try and add a picture tomorrow, thanks for helping me feel a little better.
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    Worried About My Russian Tortoise

    I routinely soak my Russian tortoise-Deuce once a day for about 30 min. A few days ago I had him soaking, I fell asleep accidently for about 2 hours.Ever since the under side of his tail has turned white and at the end of the tail it appears a little red like it is inflamed. I am not sure what...
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    Outdoor adventures, day two

    Is that a Russian Tortoise? Beautiful pictures.
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    Welcome to the Forum!
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    Pics from the reptile show! (very pic heavy, lol)

    Nice variety of pictures, thanks for sharing.
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    Sad news

    I am really sorry for your loss, DMMJ.
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    Cat 2 Gopher 0 *(warning: will see pic of losing team)*

    I would keep that cat coming around.
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    New rescue

    Beautiful turtle, looks like a three-toed box turtle to me.
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    How Do Interpret the Decimal System on the Site

    In my case, I guess it would be 1.1.0 Russian Tortoises because I have 1 male RT and 1 female RT. Thank you for the help.
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    How Do Interpret the Decimal System on the Site

    I feel really stupid asking this question since been a member 8/2011. How do I interpret the decimal identification system, such as examples: Russian Tortoise 1.1.0., Redfoot 2.0.0, Hermans 1.1.0. ? Just really curious and what is the significance of this system? Thank you for all your help.
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    A phew pics from the collection

    Very nice pictures!
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    Is it Okay to Leave My Russians Outdoors Tonight

    Sorry for just getting back to you, I have been sick with strep throat the last week, not feeling like getting on the computer nor doing anyting else. My tortoises have a very secure outdoor enclosure with locked lids, substrate 1/2 top soil, 1/2 sand, nice dry hide, they can burrow atleast...
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    Is it Okay to Leave My Russians Outdoors Tonight

    Hey all, I have had my 2 Russian Tortoises outdoors day and night the last 3 weeks with nitetime lows average in the low 40s. Tonight it is raining and the low is supposed to be around 38 degrees F. I was wondering if this temperature and with addition of rain okay for the to be out all...
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    Concerned About My Russian Tortoise

    Just wanted to say thank you everyone for all the help.